Final Fantasy 15 Update 1.08 Now Out; Makes One Notable Change

Available to download now.

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Square Enix has released the newest update for Final Fantasy 15, Update 1.08. Hot on the heels of the previous, really extensive (and quite heavy in terms of space requirements) update, the new one comes in at a relatively more modest 574.2 MB, and doesn’t make a whole lot of changes. As a matter of fact, it makes a grand total of one change.

That one fix basically addresses a bug that occurs when using Alterna on Ifrit. That’s it, that’s the only change it makes. While 575 MB seems like a lot of data for just one fix, I also don’t know anything about programming (that’s why I write about games, instead of going out there and making them).

The update should be available to download now. Final Fantasy 15 is available on Xbox One and PS4. Its first post launch DLC, Episode Gladiolus, just released for both platforms, and is available to purchase, too.

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  • Sangria Crusader

    Um… yay?

    So how about an update that adds in another town or two? And by town… I mean an ACTUAL town. Not a gas station.

    Eh, Square? How about it? Seriously, the west coastal side of the map is chock full of prime real estate!

  • Jesse Lagrue

    As somebody who does develop my own game – 500 MB is absurd for a small change like that unless it flat our replaced the old data. But even then, 500 MB on such a small portion of the game seems unlikely.

    It is very likely they added a bunch of irrelevant little performance changes or optimizations that they didn’t feel were worth making note of, quite common of developers to do this.

  • Riggybro

    Fix the frame pacing on PS4 Pro “high”.
    Please I beg you. It makes my eyes bleed!

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