Final Fantasy 15’s Art Director is Yusuke Naora, Maleficent’s Role Discussed in Kingdom Hearts 3

Final Fantasy VII/VIII art director joins Tetsuya Nomura’s next gen action RPG.

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44. Final Fantasy 15

During a recent event showcasing art work from the recently released Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster, director Yoshinori Kitase and art director Yusuke Naora spoke to Denkiphile on a variety of topics. But it was Naora who revealed something interesting: He’s currently working on Tetsuya Nomura’s Final Fantasy 15.

“Well, I am currently working on FFXV. That’s about all I can say about that.”

Naora’s experience ranges from art direction on Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy Type-0 to supervision on Crisis Core: FFVII among many other games.

As for Kingdom Hearts 3 – Nomura’s other action RPG opus – fans have already begun discussing the possibilities for Maleficent’s return. As the main antagonist for the majority of the first game and making appearances as an opposing force in Kingdom Hearts 2, it’s assumed that we’ll see Maleficent due to the newest film being made on the same character.

Maybe she’ll side with Xehanort? There’s also a theory that Xehanort could travel back in time and be the driving force for Maleficent’s corruption.

Final Fantasy 15 and Kingdom Hearts 3 are both set to release for Xbox One and PS4.

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  • Psionicinversion

    Reminds me of the Nintendo 64 game i bought years ago, not very good

    • razeilvergil

      Love the 64 st still have one

  • razeilvergil

    Kingdom hearts 3 may end up beating ffxv to the punch with release date since the final fantasy team has been having trouble finishing ffxv. There’s alot of hints out there especially when square enix did the kh3 survey hint hint.

  • razeilvergil

    I wish they give us kh 2.5 release date first. Square enix denied xbox 360 fan’s kh 1.5 and 2.5 because Sony already paid for the 2 games to be exclusive for ps3. Very little xbox fans signed the petition it got denied. Tetsuya Nomura took it as an insult.

    • it11

      KH 2.5 is coming in 2014

    • razeilvergil

      Were in 2014 still no release date

    • razeilvergil

      Im talking about when in 2014

    • Tazwar Choudhury

      likely in the fall, like 1.5, but it could be sooner since the assets for KH 1 was lost and so the team probably took a bit longer with the HD remix on that one

    • razeilvergil

      I say more like june or july like the original kh2

    • Kevin

      Pretty sure they didn’t pay them for exclusivity. They were on PS2 to begin with and it wouldn’t be much harder to add a coat of detail and slap and put it on a PS3. The buttons were the same as well.

    • razeilvergil

      If you have doubts ask Sony or square enix if im wrong then I wrong.

    • The New GooTube make your comm

      The reason KH 2.5 and 1.5 exclusively for PS3, because 360 ain’t popular in Japan, infact, barely anyone buy it. while Kingdom heart series and PS3/PS vita is very popular in Japan ( Nintendo’s still the most popular but that is another story XD ). Japanese gaming companies usually making games for their audiences aka, Japanese or In Japan, Just take a look at some of Monster hunters games on 3DS or some Nintendo games that is only available in Japan! They could easily released in the West, but they didn’t … why ? Because they are not sure if it’s really gonna be profitable, despite the fact The West have the biggest gaming community. Square ( not sure about Enix ) and Sony also have very good relationship and great business together in the past. Their most successful games is FF7 and It’s only on PS2. FF XIII sold 1 million in just one day in Japan and More than haft of FF XIII and FFXIII-2 were sold in Japan according to wiki … the FFX and X-2 were exclusively for PS2 and now HD remastered also exclusively for PS3 and PSvita. I think this is more like an ” honorable gift” to Sony. Since Sony have taking a part of helped Square to becoming successful like to day. It’s the way of Japanese culture and business over there if you ask me :P. MGS4 however, was totally a paid out XD.

    • Viktor Kateliev

      i bet at e3 theyll announce a september release, global, that would give enough time to have passed for lightning returns, ff10HD, and FF14 online on ps4, i expect them to reveal 2.5 as september at e3. and ff15 in november 2014 – february 2015. they wanna surprise us with it almost done i think, since its been in heavy development from at least september 2011 to ongoing, and with previous preparation and dev time from 2006 – 2011.. it honestly cant be much longer, with 200 ppl on the dev team for it.

    • razeilvergil

      It’s possible but they already releasd 1.5 in September . Wouldn’t make sense to do it again. They said it’s coming soon not coming late 2014. If so im still buying it.

    • razeilvergil

      There’s a higher chance of 2.5 coming out before ff15.

    • Viktor Kateliev

      yeah, it will come before ff15

    • razeilvergil

      Thery already said 2.5 is easier make that was in 2013.

    • Viktor Kateliev

      like i said, i predict it will be announced at e3 for a september release BEFORE FF15. why would it not make sense to do it again? square enix doesnt reveal release timeframes unless they are absolutely sure. okay maybe it comes in november, but like i said at e3 i think theyll say oh btw its coming out in september, just like they did at e3 last year, after the ff15 and kh3 trailers

  • razeilvergil

    Not enough petitioners

  • razeilvergil

    Must have ffxv, kingdom hearts 2.5 and 3


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