Final Fantasy Versus XIII Has Still Not Started Full Production

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This blows. Seriously, is this game ever going to be released at all?

In a recent interview with Famitsu, which also saw Square Enix honcho Tetsuya Nomura spill some beans on Kingdom Hearts III and the upcoming Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, it has been revealed that Final Fantasy Versus XIII, unveiled more than five years ago, has still not started full production yet.

“Since we’re still taking on so many new development challenges, the team is still made up of the core members,” he said. “Right now, we’re making preparations to go into full production.”

That figures, actually. Barring a few trailers that have revealed absolutely nothing, and a trickle of screenshots, we’ve been shown or told nothing about this game. However, in spite of the inexcusable delay, Nomura has big plans for the game if it ever enters full production mode. He enthusiastically revealed how he plans on making cutscenes controllable, similar to FPS games, and how the battle system will be well received.

Sure. We heard big promises about Duke Nukem Forever too. It took thirteen years to release, took its developer down, and was ultimately a flaming pile of horseshit. Let’s just hope that doesn’t happen with this game too. We love Final Fantasy, and Square, too much for that.

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  • who cares. XIII was fucking terrible anyway.

    herp derp hit x a million times in a row, win the game. oh and press r2 with the little gauge rises up, and r2 when the little gauge goes down.

    literally, that’s the entire fucking game. awful piece of shit that doesn’t even compare to previous FF’s, even the very worst of the rest of the series like VIII.

  • Say what you will ballin, I’m looking forward to VS XIII. It looks like much more of a throw back to what FF use to be back in the days of PS1 than anything else Square is working on and that excites me. Why the fuck – Square is ignoring this title and going ahead with stuff like Sequels to XIII and more kingdom hearts games for portables is beyond me.


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