Final Fantasy XIII-3 announcement imminent – A Storm Gathers

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Final Fantasy XIII-3 could be announced on September 1, as Square Enix has opened a new site which hints at its release.

Everyone and their dog knows Square Enix will release a new installment in the Final Fantasy XIII saga, and this new website has been opened with “A Storm Gathers” as the title.

The team that created the first game will present a new direction for the saga of the key character, Lighting, who was the main protagonist in the first game.

“The “Lightning Saga” that started with the release of Final Fantasy XIII has achieved a cumulative shipment of over 9.6 million units; and in May 2012 Final Fantasy XIII-2 was brought to conclusion with the add-on content entitled “Lightning’s Story: Requiem of the Goddess”.

Key members of the Final Fantasy XIII development team including the Producer, Director and Art Director, are in preparations to present new information about the direction of Lightning’s story. This presentation will take place at an event in Tokyo to celebrate Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary, on 1st September 2012.

Versus XIII is still in the pipeline though and if Square Enix cares about its fanbase, they should release that fast. *whines*.

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  • S-E NotInMyHouse

    So another FFXIII sequel? Explain to me, again, why we can’t get a FFVII sequel/remake why, exactly? Fml!

  • mithi9

    ill tell u the reason why u wont get a remake
    cuz until u and other people who want versus, remakes, or hd conversions dont shut up and accept that this is their main priority, its not going to happen

    • No, you are wrong. Square has decided to focus more on newbie players over faithful RPGrs, that is why XIII as a game didn’t trust you to play. I mean, no armour to equip, while X had over 504 items to gear up with? Square is fixating themselves on brainless players, I wouldn’t be surprised if the next game was released on the Wii

    • S-E NotInMyHouse

      So basically, what you’re saying is I should sit down, shut up, and accept whatever Square decides to give me? Man, I hope you don’t run a restaurant.

      And so true Gomez. I remember when RPGs required skills and planning in order to beat the bosses and monsters, not just the ability to press X really, really fast.

    • Kari426

      In a sense yes, its probably better its prolly better for you whiney fans who complain about a FFVII remake, HD remakes, and FF Verses 13 to sit back and take it. Considering all you guys do is complain about how you miss the old games and the games that Square makes today is shitty.
      Square is looking more toward the future that will benefit their industries and company in the long run. They’re one of the few surviving GOOD RPG game makers that are still going and I commend them for all they’re hard work.

      It just pisses me off seeing posts like this because if your really unsatisfied with Square, then get the fuck outta here. And let the fans that are excited about the next Final Fantasy titles enjoy this information.

    • S-E NotInMyHouse

      Wow, deep. Looking towards the future that will benefit their industry. It’s really moving. Especially considering it’s a pile of crap. But, if you’re excited about FFXIII-3, then crap really excites you. So I understand.

      I’d believe some of that banality, if it weren’t for the fact that Square keeps going back to FFVII and the earlier games so they can cash in. They’ve made FFVII anime, a movie, a PSP prequel, a DLC game for phones, made the characters from FFVII-FFX major characters in Kingdom Hearts. That’s not “looking to the future”, friend. But, be my guest. Be excited. And don’t forget to get your thumb pumped. Pounding the X button in rapid sucession for 40+ plus hours. Thrilling for some, it just doesn’t get my heart pumping.


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