First Elders Scrolls 5: Skyrim gameplay trailer is go

Posted By | On 24th, Feb. 2011 Under News

Bethesda has released the first ever in-game gameplay footage for The Elders Scrolls 5: Skyrim in the form of a new trailer.

It introduces you to the game’s protagonist, Dragonborn and showcases the lovely visuals and gameplay mechanics that it’ll bring along.

The game releases on 11 November for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Without saying much, enjoy the video below:

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  • aquaman22

    wow! I really like what i just seen, I wonder if this game is a fp RPG with a third person mix or a third person RPG with a fp mix. But it looks epic, and the jungle mix reminded me of RDR when i used to go hunting for stuff, awesome trailer! Aqua Out!!!

  • MindCandy999

    I love eldersrolls games. I think Morrowind was the best one so far though. Oblivion was great, but Morriwind just nailed it.

    I’ll be pre-ordering this sucker.

    • aquaman22

      @Candy, okay so you’ve played Oblivion, I wanted to know what are these games about? Also can you tell me how long did it take you to get through the game? Lastly, if you played it for the PS3, or 360 how where the Trophies/achievements for the game? Thanks, because I’m beginning to show interest in this genre of gaming and i’m currently downloading the Dragon Age 2 demo because i just might start playing these types of games. Aqua Out!!!

    • MindCandy999

      I played both Morrowind and Oblivion on the PC, and they are pretty much as long as you want them to be. I imaging you could thoughtlessly plow through Oblivion in about 30 hours if you really wanted to, but nobody does that. Honestly i’d be shocked if you spent fewer than 60 hours in the game, and most people take longer. The worlds in the Elder Scrolls games are simply massive and there’s tons to do in them.

      As far as what they are about, Morrwind was about stopping the return of a dark god of some kind, and Oblivion was about closing a bunch of hellgates that spawned all over the world. Pretty standard RPG stuff, but it’s the way the games play that makes them so excellent. Do yourself a favor and pick up a used copy of Oblivion and see if you like it. I’ll bet money that Skyrim will play in a very similar manner, just with some more modern improvements and added gameplay gimicks.

      I’ll warn you though, these games are notoriously buggy. If you’ve played the modern Fallout games, they run on the same engine. Skyrim is being built on a totaly new engine though, so it’s not fair to judge that one just yet.

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