Five developers that could probably develop Modern Warfare 3

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Given the recent speculation that Activision will be going for a new MMO game rather than the sequel to the last year hit Modern Warfare 2, we at Gaming Bolt decide to write a short article on five developers that could probably develop Modern Warfare 3. So let’s get started:



As we all know, Valve is well known for their success with the Half Life series, Counter-Strike, Team Fortress and Portal. Given that they might be pretty busy in developing Half Life 2: Episode 3, the team might have some trouble developing the next game in the Modern Warfare series. If The Orange Box was something to go by, expect a ton of freebies along with the game.

Monolith productions


Responsible for super hits games like F.E.A.R., Condemned and the Aliens versus Predator franchises, Monolith could possibly do a great job with Call of Duty. Although I agree that the games they have developed are not based on any kind of warfare, we know they would make a rock-solid game judging by the pedigree of quality games that they have developed in the past.



Halo Reach will be the last Halo game developed by the guys at Bungie so that will actually open doors for developing the next Modern Warfare game. When you have achieved global success with every possible Halo game out there, it would be no surprise if Bungie actually develop Modern Warfare 3.

Epic Games


After developing two super hit games in Gears of War and Gears of War 2, Epic are the pinnacle of video games development. They are truly the one developer that has maxed out the Xbox 360 to its limit, which just goes to show that they give their best on whatever hardware they work on.  If Epic works on Modern Warfare 2, it would be just one thing: epic.

GearBox Software


Having a legacy of great games like Brother in Arms, Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 and the most recent game, BorderLands, GearBox is one of the most talented groups of developers out there in the first person shooter genre. The amount of innovations and the experimentation that they did in BorderLands was amazing and fortunately for them it worked. Do they have what it takes to develop a globally renowned franchise like Call of Duty? Hell yeah!

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  • theonlylolking

    that was the worst list in history of Modern Warefare 3

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  • PhoeniX_Junior

    i gotta agreee with the guy above that was truly shit
    not only were these mostly xbox biased (valva cant even be bothered to learn the ps3)
    but why would bungie want to create ANOTHER FPS
    and epic are busy with gears of war 3 i dont wann have to wait 3 years for another MW
    and the rest of the companys are all mediocre

  • Wowzer

    This list was complete bullshit. All of those developers would never, ever develop MW3. There is no fucking way.

  • Pete

    I would shoot myself if Bungie made MW3, because it would be Halo: MW

  • CF707

    The companies suck. I think DICE would be the best. Their game’s already better than any Call of Duty anyway.

    • Dice would be great but I can’t see them taking on both the Modern Warfare series and the Battlefield series at once. Still if they don’t beat them with Bad Company 2 I suppose they could always join them… 🙂

  • Required: Name (WHY)

    Gourilla Games

  • I hate to disagree with you mate. Here’s why:

    1. Valve – Valve is at heart a PC developer and word is around that they can’t optimize for the PS3. Besides, Valve focuses on FPS that has a bit of roleplaying depth, puzzle soving, etc. MW3 will have to be an entirely fast paced action flick type experience.

    2. Monolith – I agree that their AI is really really good and have to see what they do with the Modern Warfare franchise. But I’d say they rely on “scare tactics” to stand apart – something they can’t pull of on MW3.

    3. Bungie – I’d rather my favourite 360 developer not make any games on PS3. 😛

    4. Epic – This will be interesting to see

    5. Gearbox – I loved the whole cel shaded look of Borderlands. But that will be a major flop in MW3 and besides many gamers can’t stand that look anyway 😀

  • Michael Kaplan

    Dice & the creators of killzone 2 would be better 😀


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