Forced- a new top-down game for fans of Diablo and Left 4 Dead

And it DOES look good.

Denmark-based developers BetaDwarf have released a beta for their Kickstarter funded top-down game called Forced. It’s being compared to Diablo and Left 4 Dead by the devs themselves, and are calling on the fans of both series to try out their game.

The devs plan on raising $40,000, with $7,562 raised already and 37 days still to go.

The game is a traditional top-down co-op centric game, and the devs describe it as having ‘fast-paced combat, skill experimentation and game systems that promote teamwork.’

It’s among the top 3 per cent Steam Greenlight games right now, and BetaDwarf are confident that it will be greenlit soon enough.

Have you tried it yet? Tell us in the comments section below!

  • ErazorRa3

    Tried it at a university show and tell in Denmark. Cool guys and the game is definitely a good co-op blast. Must have for your future couch experiences hehe

  • Taclis

    Here’s the Kickstarter link for those wondering:

  • Gamerdude

    Awesomw. Simply really awesome – try it! 😀

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