Former Konami Tech Director Reveals Some Details Behind Konami And Kojima Split

Finally, we have some idea of what really went on behind the scenes.

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Hideo Kojima

The Konami-Kojima split is common knowledge at this point, confirmed and re-confirmed by Geoff Keighley spilling the dirt on Konami at The Game Awards earlier this month, and by Kojima’s announcement of his new game studio that he would be starting with Sony. But we still don’t know what it was like on the inside, we don’t know details about what really went on. And apparently, Konami has contractually forbidden Kojima from ever talking about it, meaning we aren’t likely to find out.

Or so we thought. But thanks to former Konami Tech Director Julien Mercaron’s talk, attended by DualShockers, we have some idea of what went on behind the scenes now. Mercaron confirmed that there was indeed a major altercation between the development team and Konami’s management back earlier this year- which led to the flurry of news reports that we got around March and April. However, even though the situation was dire, and Kojima himself was reduced to just being an external contractor for a company that he had essentially helped build, and on the verge of losing his babies Metal Gear and the FOX Engine, he didn’t change his demeanor and remained focus on the game’s development. “Don’t worry, we’re going to finish our game, we will give everything we have to give, and then we will see,” is what he reportedly told the development team.

The members of the team asked themselves a lot of questions, but they hoped that the game would be released and be successful, and that it would cause Konami to go back on its decision, so that the team could start working on a new Metal Gear. That did not turn out as they had wished for- the game was released, it was successful, and Konami did start work on a new Metal Gear. It was just without Kojima and his team.

It’s a tragic ending to the saga, but the plus side of this is, for the first time in years, Kojima is now freed creatively from the shackles of Metal Gear, free to do as he wishes. Here’s wishing the best of luck for his future endeavors.

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  • d0x360

    I have a feeling Kojima doesn’t want to be “free” from metal gear. Its basically a universe that allows for all his crazy ideas to come to life and its exceptionally hard to do that. Starting from scratch is a huge risk especially when you consider a vast majority of mgs players don’t follow news and have no idea what’s happened. Then a large portion of those people really dont know who Kojima is at all they just know they like metal gear.

    I’m also quite sure he’s not thrilled about needing to dump an engine that has been worked on specifically for him for the past 5 years. That level of refinement comes at great cost which was probably konamis main issue.

    • Mark

      What game engine do u think Kojima maybe eyeing for his new game, considering he’s on a small budget and the Fox Engine is now Konami’s? UE4?

    • leanton31

      Red Engine seems pretty good and reminiscent of the fox engine, also allows open world crafting.

    • Mark

      Never heard of it. Any popular games running on it?

    • leanton31

      The Witcher 3. And THIS is THE rpg game to play in terms of graphics, storytelling and action!

    • Mark

      What?! Wow. Atleast I know now…Witcher 3 is gorgeous. The water and trees…mmmm

    • d0x360

      If he isn’t making his own engine yea I’d imagine he will likely go UE4. I see no reason why he wouldn’t. 2016 should see a lot of studios using it. I’m actually kinda surprised its adoption hasn’t been as quick as ue3

    • leanton31

      I think Kojima would like to see the glass of water half full. He got the creative freedom he longed for, and creating a brand new IP from scratch, well, this is a tempting challenge for creative genuises!


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