Former People Can Fly Director: “PC Could Dwarf Next-Gen”, “1080p Possible on Standard PC”

Oh so many shots fired.

Posted By | On 29th, Oct. 2013 Under News

Former Creative Director for People Can Fly Adrian Chmielarz – who’s worked on Gears of War: Judgment, Bulletstorm and Painkiller – has tweeted his thoughts regarding next gen consoles as well as commenting on the issue of resolutions. Needless to say, he believes that PCs are capable of visuals seen on next-gen consoles and even better.


He also commented on how previous generations always made PC titles look inferior but not this time. With all the controversy surrounding 1080p resolution, Chmierlarz talks about how such a resolution is possible on any decent PC.



Do you agree with Chmielarz’s points or are they a little skewed in consideration to everything we know thus far? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • guest

    For Battlefield 4, Eurogamer has stated that a £349 PS4 graphics were the same as a new PC for more than double the price, so say £800 (or c.$1000)

    Does this idiot not understand basic economics???? If Microsoft and Sony produced consoles for $1000, how many would they sell to mass market gamer? The answer is hardly any, probably would have the same user base as tiny as number of PC gamers who spend $1000 plus on their gaming PCs. (Recent Steam survey proved majority of PC gamers have rigs less powerful than next gen).

    For $400 on PS4, you are getting extremely good value money, and these are launch games, so all future games will all be 1080p when fully optimised.

    For launch Killzone SF, COD Ghosts, FIFA, Forza, NBA2K14, all run @1080p on next gen.

    • SwappingFrom360toPS4

      every game on PS4 is native 1080p anyway,

      Battlefield 4 is the only exception, at 900p, but it is 60fps also.

      XB1 however, is a different/worse story, and more expensive?

    • LOL

      Order 1886 (PS4) – 800p
      Deep Down (PS4) – 720p

    • SwappingFrom360toPS4

      the order is 1920×800, if you think that means 800p then you are a fool.

      and you would be stupid to think that deep down will run at 720p, lol.

    • guest

      Lol, the Order 1886 is 1080p with cinematic black bars, and Game Informer said it had the best visuals they had EVER seen on ANY platform, not too bad for the PS4 that costs $400. And Deep down is definitely 1080p, not sure what fps though.

    • slasaru

      Thats not quite fair. They are using tricks and fulld hd game does not show a qualitative leap. They extended the resolution but games look somewhat like this gen. Just remember that rain and faces in killzone SF. If you make it all like that, you can make hundreds of games in 1080p. And even thousands if you makes gmes like Flower or GOW hd port.

    • Eagles83

      Yes there are games that are 1080p on the consoles but there are games that are not. Every game on a decent PC can hit 1080p and have done so for the past 7 years. The fact that it is 2013 and the new consoles can’t do it for every game is what he was referring to.

    • slasaru

      There are games like quake or counter strike in 1080p on PC, so who cares? Its not that simple. This gen consoles had several games in full hd : marvel ultimate alliance, sacred II

      This time game design, network code, sound etc require much more power than PC games seven years before

    • Eagles83

      Ok your comment is completely dishonest. Quake and Counter Strike are old games. The PC has been running 1080p as a middle-level resolution for many years for games a lot more demanding than Quake and Counter Strike. In fact the PC has been running games in 4K recently or triple 1440p monitors for the past few years.

      Also network code has nothing to do with graphics since all graphics are rendered locally and not through a network of servers like OnLive.

      Don’t get me wrong I understand you like the PS4 and the $400 price tag but you could also just spend the $400 on a graphics card for the PC you already have and receive a far bigger jump than the PS4 could provide. That is if your PSU has enough watts but those are cheap anyway.

    • JackD

      True, 7870 is less than £150 now, R9 280x is less than £250………….Many options.

    • dave

      Wow, this guy is a PC elitist troll, and he is also a proper game developer? Suggest we all boycott and troll his crappy little game, see how he feels. What goes around, come around.

    • dave

      Oh the irony, went to this idiot troll’s website, saw a screenshot of his upcoming ‘game’, looks like cell shaded 720p cartoony crap graphics that could be done on a smartphone.

      And this guy is trolling about cutting edge graphics @1080p, lol, this Adrian Chmielarz is a f*cking retard.

  • abadiadeljuego

    It is not needed a 349€ graphic card to play Battlefield 4 at 1080p and 60fps. My Radeon 7870 XT does it perfectly, and it costs less than 200€.


    • JackD


  • Axe99

    Indeed, a game custom-developed for a high-end PC would outshine current consoles, so why doesn’t he go and make one? Nothing stopping him, or is there? I’d wager he well knows if he wants to make money, he needs to target an install base large enough to support development costs, and the price of high-end PCs (as well as technical pain-in-the-arsery) prevent there being enough to make it worthwhile. If that changes, then PC will absolutely smoke consoles, but if it changes then it’s likely they’d be able to release more expensive consoles that would be more competitive, as there’d be a larger market for more expensive gaming machines, and the whole equation would change yet again.

  • JackD

    It’s funny, my 3 year old machine can play BF4 1080p Ultra mode………..People who think it costs 1,000’s to build a pc as good as or more powerful than the apparent ‘nex gen’ have no idea at all. Not everybody follows and believes everything on the internet like sheep. BF4 on PS4 is definitely not Ultra and apparently is upscaled 900p to 1080p, this might change with a patch lol. If anything it might be ‘high’ settings which is pretty good either way, but it’s time to get over it, there is no PC elite and all that childish nonsense, just somebody who above stated that in reality on PC 1080p gaming is old hat. Just a simple truth. The architecture of the new consoles are in essence just old PC components anyway, GDDR5, been on graphics cards for how long?
    Use your head, when you build a PC your suppose to have an upgrade path, at least that is what I do as well as many others.
    In reality it doesn’t matter, characters are going to buy both consoles, PC gamers are going to still game, never been anything I wanted to play on console.
    Nex-gen is good, it’s just not that good, delusion is a choice. Get over it, its just technology.


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