Former Squaresoft boss: The current Square Enix is in shambles, “no vision”

Very true.

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It does not look like Square Enix is following a proper procedure for releasing games as even the former president of Squaresoft has criticized the company of being clueless.

Final Fantasy fans like us kind of knew this from the beginning after the company messed up with Crystal Tools and are now fiddling with next-gen Luminous engine. They are still not being able to release Versus XIII as well, however, the company is stable now due to expansion into mobile gaming and that is good news overall.

Here’s what Suzuki Tweeted: “The merger was a complete failure. There’s no vision for the future.”

He also said that the development costs were through the roof and the the company had no idea of what it is doing. So is he wrong here? Not at all, actions speak for themselves and Square Enix has lost a lot of money with failed ventures on the Xbox 360 and not to mention has weakened their Final Fantasy brand.

Suzuki is no slouch though; he is now a Director at Sega, and a bunch of other things too, as Kotaku reports here.

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  • You know, as much as I’d like to join in on the whole “Square Enix Sucks” campaign, I simply cant because they only suck at Final Fantasy 13 and 13-2, I mean they made a LOT of great games like Kingdom Hearts, The World Ends with You, Deus Ex, Dragon Quest and so much more, so they DONT suck, they just messed up two or three Final Fantasy games, so I think we need to cut them some slack

    • Enigma-0

      kingdom hearts all started with squaresoft, at the time it was only a new IP, SE only picked up of what Squaresoft has left behind and after KHII they expanded the franchise into pointless handheld titles every since. Deus Ex Human Revolution was made by EIDOS, people keep think that SE made the game, but in truth they only play the role of publisher. Dragon Quest don’t suck? big surprise, over the last several years it seems that this franchise is the only thing they actually putting any effort in. But even then it’s not a Square game, it’s an ENIX game, who owns the majority of the shares over the two merger. So guess, between FF and DQ which brand do you think they’re putting more priority to? the world ends with you was one of the best titles for the ds and SE most original games in years with the biggest potential, yet instead of announcing a sequel, they decided to port the same game to several other handheld devices and adding a cheap cameo appearance to a 5th KH spinoff.

    • I’m just sayin’, It’s not THAT bad and at least they dont release the same game over and over like most 1st person shooter studios

    • Sorry but they do suck as a company it may sound harsh but they haven’t made a decent game this entire console generation. We don’t need to cut them any slack they’ve pretty much released a DLC as a full game (XIII-2) and they might be doing it again with Lightening Returns. Hopefully they are finished as a gaming company because they deserve to go bankrupt they failed at the game of capitalism. Square Enix is only getting what they deserve they did this to them selves. Fans didn’t do this to Square Enix there is a reason why XIII-2 sold so bad because it sucked and they released it any way.

    • You’re only looking at it from a developer view point, but as publishers they’ve been very supportive with stuff like Just Cause 2, Sleeping Dogs, Deus Ex, Hitman and other stuff, so I think we need to give them another chance, and by chance I mean generation, they could pleasantly surprise you, you never know

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  • Vrrumdri

    I don’t feel it’s been a ‘shambles’. Final Fantasy XII came after the merger and is one of the best games in the Final Fantasy series (though that’s only my opinion). FFXIII and its sequels are not that bad (at least when compared to…say…Deus Ex Invisible War or Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness), and I agree with Omar about them not releasing the same game over and over again. In fact, recently, they have been almost striking back at the bad times they have had, with major repairs to FFXIV, a promising new game engine with possibilities of an amazing game coming from it for multiple platforms and two new Final Fantasy games coming along which seem to point to a bright future for RPG gaming. I say, Square Enix is still going strong (it was able to assimilate Eidos, one of the biggest game companies in the world, after all).


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