Forza Developer Clarifies His ‘Highest Quality Pixels’ Statement

Highest quality explanation.

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One of the more ridiculous and hyperbolic statements that was made about the Xbox One X came from Turn 10 Studio’s Software Architect, Chris Tector, who exulted about how the system would lead to the ‘highest quality pixels fans had ever seen’. Which is a really asinine thing to say, because a pixel is a dot on the screen- it’s a dot. That’s all it is. It’s size can be variable (and indeed, higher resolution screens have smaller pixels to accommodate more of them), but that’s literally all it is. There’s no ‘quality’ to a pixel other than its size.

As it turns out, the quote was actually taken out of context- in the video that had the quote, Albert Penello of Microsoft had edited the context out, because he had not felt that it would lead to any backlash or misunderstanding like it did. Now, Microsoft’s Larry Hryb, who was hosting a live panel for E3 Coliseum, gave Tector a chance to explain the comment.

Tector explained that he was excited about the new hardware, and he was excited at the prospect of being able to play games in full 4K without any compression or upscaling necessary, with all the assets for the games being made for true 4K- that was apparently all that he had meant.

While it sounds better in context, it’s still a bit of a… nonsensical thing to say. But of course, we’ve all said and done things that don’t make sense before, so it’s not fair to rake him over the coals for it. At least he explained what he meant by it.

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  • Howie Kearney

    makes sense. he means no compression. there will be no artifacts. each pixel gets its own signal. no upscaling or trickery. I totally understood what he meant.

    • Wei Feng

      That target is out the window now.

    • greatnessIsaLIE

      The target is way higher than what ps4 can achieve even if it’s twice as big, ugly, slow, and loud.

  • Dougdec92

    and then there was AC origins…pls

  • Wei Feng

    Which isn’t the case anyway.

    $499 of mixed Dynamic, upscaling, checker-boarding, salty tears or Native.

    A True 4K machine? , it’s not looking good this early.

    • aawells07

      I don’t think I’ve seen anyone in a very long time that dedicates as much time as you do in Xbox articles just feverishly typing away like you’re working a job or something. What in gods name is wrong with you? Serious question. You’re absolutely on the ball here just going to town on trying to kill peoples excitement. lmao You don’t realize just how silly this makes you look do you? You’re everywhere man. Why keep regurgitating the same lines over and over? Everyone has gotten the message loud and clear. Fei Wang DOES NOT like Xbox.

    • greatnessIsaLIE

      Hey us trolls need a place to

    • One The One

      Don’t you try to convince retarded anti-Xbox fanboys that what they’re been doing all this time is pathetic. You can’t, it’s just a lost cause.

    • greatnessIsaLIE

      It’s looking good right now.
      If devs actually try then they can achieve amazing things only possible on xb1x and pc.

      Like this for example.
      ARK will run at 4k 60fps on xb1x,
      But only in 1080p 45fps on ps4 pro.

      The xb1x version will target epic 4k pc setting while ps4 pro can only achieve medium 1080p setting at 45fps.

  • Mavericks

    “There’s no ‘quality’ to a pixel other than its size.”

    Are you COMPLETELY out of your mind, Pramath? How about 8-bit, 10-bit and 12-bit color output? You can render something at 1080p with any of those resolutions and OFF COURSE 8-bits usesless bandwidth and has worse quality in the pixels.

  • Mr Xrat

    Oh, it was a Turdza dev. That’s why it was so utterly ridiculous and pathetic, lol.

    He should stick to making unimpressive racing games.


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