Forza Horizon 2 Dev Talks Xbox One’s eSRAM, “Pretty Easy to Manage”

Playground Games’ Andy Sage talks about managing the console’s unique architecture.

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Playground Games’ Forza Horizon 2 has been a fairly strong success since coming out but there’s been plenty of praise for the game’s 1080p resolution and 4X MSAA. You’d think such a feat would be hard to pull off given the Xbox One’s hardware, with the eSRAM often cited as a limiting factor. Speaking to Eurogamer, lead rendering engineer Andy Sage revealed how the eSRAM actually helped in development.

“We scheduled specific optimisation phases during the project development, where we looked at improvements that would allow us to achieve the solid 30fps that we were aiming for. We analysed eSRAM usage during each of these phases and determined what gains could be made, in particular optimising which render targets were in eSRAM throughout the frame.

“This involved careful analysis of which targets were required at which point in the frame to allow us to maximise the amount of eSRAM resident resources at any one time. It was also necessary to have a good understanding of what the bottlenecks were for each rendering stage so we could target eSRAM optimisations for systems that benefited from the additional bandwidth. eSRAM is pretty easy to manage, mainly because you don’t need to resolve textures to read them and you can make textures partially resident.”

What are your thoughts on the same? Are you enjoying Forza Horizon 2 thus far? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Guest

    FH2 is the beginning of what can and will be possible eventually… and with DX12 allowing for greatly reduced development time/porting time, more emphasis will be able to be put on optimizations for games.

  • bardock5151

    People should really read the digital foundry interview, lots more to it than just esram management.

  • Mark

    Boo yah. First party studios will always push the envelope. Although some 3rd parties have achieved 1080p on X1 multiple times, others are not fully up to speed imo. I could care less about playing a 900p game for my personal enjoyment, but I only say this because I think resolution isn’t worth focusing on like many game sites do. I get that probably the reason for this is because it is a measurement of power, but…………see if u can tell much of a difference in these comparison screens of 2 million pixels vs 1.5 million?


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