Forza Motorsport on Oculus Rift Is Not What You Expect

What is the point of this?

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Yesterday, Oculus announced that games from the Xbox One would be playable on Oculus Rift. Unfortunately, the solution is completely redundant- the games themselves aren’t VR, so all Oculus does is replace you playing them on your flat screened TV in your living room, with you playing them on a flat screened TV in a virtual living room generated by Oculus.

If you want to see what that looks like, you can check out the video above, which demonstrates how this works. The game being shown off in question is Forza Motorsport.

It’s unquestionable that the technology in this case is very impressive, so it certainly is laudable from that perspective. Unfortunately, the entire thing also comes off as pointless (as well as nausea inducing- do you see what happens when she turns her head around to the image?)- very few actual usages of this can be seen.

I guess I just wish Microsoft had stuck to doing something cool with HoloLens, is all.

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  • Terminator

    “guess I just wish Microsoft had stuck to doing something cool with HoloLens”
    I wish you think before making f**king stup*d comments. Microsoft is still working on HoloLens only difference is not a VR so don’t expect to much gaming from it.

    Its true that this isn’t true VR (AT THE MOMENT) but who’s to say that next year we could see actual Xbox One games work with the Oculus? They didn’t just do this partnership so Xbox One games could be streamed to the Oculus.

    • Psionicinversion

      Morpheus has an interpolater to increase the frame rate to VR acceptable levels oculus doesn’t it relies on pure gpu power so every game would have to at least 60fps and running 60fps on VR requires more power than normal

    • Terminator

      They could just make an Oculust that works with the Xbox One.

    • Psionicinversion

      They could but would require heavy investment from MS to get them to come up with a solution similar to sonys to artificially boost the frame rate. In fact thinking about it why can’t something like this be added into a console to boost the frame rate to 60fps on every game? There’s got be something wrong with it for them not to do it

    • Starman

      Where did you get that bogus info from about morpheus … it can’t even get pass 480i …

    • Psionicinversion

      hahahah from the fairies of sony

    • Orion Wolf

      Be it the Rift or Morpheus the most important thing is (IMHO) the pricing and even more so it’s to make sure people won’t get sick after a few minutes of playing with either of them.

      Most of the games that have been played (YouTube videos) on the rift actually support the peripheral natively or at least partially i.e. they have to be tailored to the rift (ex – head and/or position tracking). Of course, you can play any game on it, but you need additional software to do so and it won’t be an enjoyable experience.

      Morpheus is the same, the games have to be made to utilize the VR headset and then there is the issue of HW requirements to run a certain game. So there are multiple problems that Sony has been facing (IMO):

      1) Make it cheap enough – so people will actually buy it

      2) Make it powerful enough – so it doesn’t run at 20fps with PS2 like graphics; and then there’s the issue of future games being even more HW demanding.

      3) Additional time and resources to make existing games work with it

      4) Additional time and resources to make future games work with it

      So, IMO, Microsoft (at least for now) has made the right decision not to delve too deep into the VR market.

      btw it’s a bit perplexing when an author on a prominent gaming website makes a mistake between Motorsport and Horizon. And the way the author is giving his opinion … well, It makes it seem like the article was made for pure click-bait purpose.

  • d0x360

    That wasn’t forza motorsports that was a demo of horizon 2. Click bait headline and you don’t even tell the whole story about why they did that kind of demo…Jesus

  • 2econd gpu unlocking

    If this was Sony, there would of been nothing but praise.

    • Psionicinversion

      Maybe they should unlock that 2nd gpu in the xbox eh that way can use multi gpu affinity VR and it would be smooth as butter but oh yeah it hasn’t got one

    • 2econd gpu unlocking

      No, it’s been agreed to keep locked out all generation now as DX12 is powerful enough. With them doing the 2nd GPU in a virtual space.
      Benefit is keeping the same low fan speeds and power draw. So the NDA stays in place. Plus we need to keep Sony strong as well so Apple wont step into console market.

    • Psionicinversion

      DX12 is really that powerful?? wow itll turn my PC into the same power as a $500million super computer then eh.

      Hahaha if apple wanted to enter the console market it could. They should be sitting on about $150billion of cash in the bank. Thats not assets that is pure cash. if they wanted to enter nobody could stop them

    • 2econd gpu unlocking

      No, we decide to play weak this gen and let Sony gain ground.
      This is keeping Apple out. We as fans decided to help Sony recover from bankruptcy.Apple have been scared off with Sony’s strong sales.

    • Psionicinversion

      Hahaha if apple made a console they would sell 20mill in half a year because of all the zealots. The reason why they won’t is there’s no money in it for them. They can’t charge $700 for a $300 machine that’s the only reason they will never enter the market

  • jayflow

    Damn…awkward silence at the end of that video.

  • Psionicinversion

    Yep its a waste of time

  • You Are Flat Out Wrong

    Wasted on peasantry. Disgusting.

    • Ricoh123

      If only the PC peasants would buy games instead of pirating them, devs might actually be interested in developing something decent for PC.


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