FPS market is saturated, says Counter-Strike co-creator

“I don’t think FPSes are as exciting as they used to be.”

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Counter Strike co-creator Minh Le says that the first person shooters of the modern day have grown unimaginative and aren’t as fun anymore, and admits that while he tried addressing this issue with his recent free to play title Tactical Intervention, the game fell short of his own expectations of it.

“I don’t think FPSes are as exciting as they used to be,” Le told Gamasutra. “I tried to contribute to fixing this, but I don’t think… Tactical Intervention has not succeeded in terms of addressing some of the problems. There’s some stuff in TI that I really enjoy playing, but other stuff like the hostage mode, it didn’t really pan out as well as I’d hoped.”

Le suggests that the FPS market has become over-saturated and that developers have now run out of fresh ideas, himself included.

“I think FPS games have gotten to the point where there’s not much more you can add to it,” he said. “Battlefield has really pushed it, and there’s not a whole lot more you can do to it.”

“To be honest, I think the FPS genre is just so saturated, and CS:GO has really just made it difficult for FPS games to compete in this market,” Le continued. “”CS:GO has done a great job of making the experience so polished. It’s got everything you’d really want from an FPS game. The whole presentation and everything is so… it’s just really difficult for us to really draw a crowd away from these guys.”

Later on, Le also went on to say that Tactical Intervention is no longer financially sustainable, given how little people play the game.

Do you agree with Le? Has the FPS genre become too saturated? Tell us in your comments.

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  • RealGeee

    I gave up on CS years ago because there a better FPS games out there.

  • John D

    This is why Titanfall will be huge. Future with Mechs. Modern shooters are getting super old and needs to die.

  • fpsdude

    FPS are not dead. As a matter of fact they are more alive today than ever. You just haven’t looked hard enough. One CS is about worn out. New game engine New NextGen graphics while keeping gameplay the same will move things forward.

  • winker

    I agree with fpsdude. The biggest culprit is the take over of gameing consoles. Most of your first person shooters had a PC. How many FPS games out their for consoles? Not many. If more were made the best of them would be played.
    For now, Quake2 is still rocking with a deep fan base. Sure its an old game, but it is the gameplay and shear fun of the game that it keeping it alive today.


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