Freak Occurence? Official Xbox One Reveal Highlights Trailer Has “PS4” in URL

Can nothing else go wrong for Microsoft?

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This is honestly a humongous coincidence, and if not, then Sony is actively trolling Microsoft. For the highlights video of the Xbox One, you may not notice anything except the rampant mentions of “TV this” and “sports that”. No, the real devil is in the URL link for the video.

If you look closely, you’ll see that the link has the words “PS4” in the end.

xbox one reveal highlights link


Now, we know this isn’t a death knell for the console. But honestly, it doesn’t help. Do you really want to mention your rival at all in anything remotely having to do with your console? Especially in the so-called “highlights” video of your console’s big reveal?

And it’s not like you can just randomly edit that link either. The video would need to be deleted and re-uploaded.

As it stands, the Xbox One has been universally panned since its reveal on May 21st, with several polls rooting for the PS4. Let’s not forget scorned indie developers and the controversy regarding fees for playing used games. Stay tuned to see just how much worse it can get for the Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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    • Prince William

      This is a fake account, mister. We all know that.

    • Steve

      Nerd commenting under the name “SONY”,

      Get a job and quit posting the same lame BS on every website you visit.

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      No! Nintendo and Iwata is!


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