Game of the Month: October 2009

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Last time we did our second Game of the Month Feature, this time we are back to do our third feature and we will be looking back at some of the best games of October. October 2009 was really a big month since it had some of the biggest franchises from Naughty Dog and EA. There were a lot of great games across all platforms, but these are our picks.

Runner up Number 3

Ratchet and Clank Future: Crack in Time

A Crack in Time continued the trend of fantastic exclusives for the PS3 this year and is a must have for both fans and newcomers alike. The action is great, the game looks and sounds great, the ending is fantastic, and the overall experience is more than enough to satisfy gamers through multiple playthroughs.

Runner up Number 2


Borderlands is more fun than most other games you will play this year. It is a must by for those looking for a fun co-op game and for those who love to shoot stuff, get loot and level up. If you’re on the border about Borderlands just go for it! What the game has to offer is more than worth your money, which is more than most games can say.

Runner up Number 1


October would not be October without a EA Sport’s Fifa release and this has become a routine for some years now. In the recent years Fifa series has been revolutionized dramatically. All this started from the release of current generation consoles, and the Fifa franchise has continued to improve year on year and now with the 4th installation of Fifa on current consoles (excluding Euro 2008), we can safely say it is the ultimate football fan’s dream. Fifa 10 sets high standards to follow by the competitors from now on.


Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Nathan Drake was back again for another tresure hunting experience but instead of his family member, Sir Franchis Drake, he was after an artifact of the Marco Polo expeditions; while always getting shot and always trying to impress the ladies (*cough* Chloe and Elena). This is a lot like the great Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune with a few tweaks here and there but with the exploration of the city of Nepal, shattering ice caves, and of course the beautiful jungles. It has great gameplay and story line, but that is not all. The graphics of this game are by far the best I have seen on consoles. You travel from the amazing snow covered locations, to lush jungles with light shining through the trees and the rays hitting your body, to a city that is falling apart, and all the locations that the adventurer Nathan Drake will take you. Also with the graphics of the game, there are great animations such as when Drake is shot and stumbling through the snow just trying to get to that ledge to jump, almost falling off. Uncharted was an easy choice for us, since it sets a new benchmark in video games.

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  • nutbear96

    The new R&C game is awesome! The R&C have always been awesome and always will be so long as they are made by Insomniac (that’s why I thought Size Matters sucked!). Borderlands isn’t that good. If you want a good FPS RPG get Fallout 3 GOTY but if you don’t like that get Brink. BORDERLANDS SUCKS! And Fifa 10 is ok if you like football (I feel like that only person in the UK that doesn’t like football! I’m a rugby man!). And abviously Uncharted 2 is GOTY. People say COD: MW2 will be GOTY but it’s just another COD game. Nothing new. I do like (LOVE, to be honest) COD games but they’re not fresh. Killzone 2 I thought was fresh in FPS standards. And so was Fallout 3. Thats why Uncharted 2, Fallout 3 GOTY, R&C ACRIT (well the series on a whole) are my fave games. But I don’t mind COD games as I said so if I had to make it five I would choose COD: MW2 and either MGS4 or Resistance 2 or Guitar Hero Metallica. Or if I could choose my PC games I would choose Left 4 Dead 2 (I pre-purchased it on Steam and I’ve got the demo and it is insane!).

  • bolognass

    Demon’s Souls should be on this list. No way Borderlands or Ratchet and Clank is better/

  • Commenter

    If that was my list I would take out Fifa 10 and replace it with Brutal Legend, and give Fifa 10 an honourable mention.

  • Hadz

    Borderlands, sucks? IMO the game’s been one of the most enjoyable games in years for me. Well deserved winner in Among Thieves though

  • Christian Burrell

    Swap Demon’s Souls for R&C, and I would agree.

  • David Macphail

    Fifa 10 doesn’t deserve to be on this list. If you were looking for a sports game then you could’ve gone with Smackdown Vs Raw 2010.

    Ratchet & Clank should be #1 runner up with Demon’s Souls right behind. Borderlands IS awful, it shouldn’t be on this list either.

    Uncharted 2 in the #1 spot is dead – on though. There won’t be a better game this year – you can count on that.

  • Your Brother :)

    I love borderlands, such a fun game.

    I dont own a ps3 though, so I havnt been able to try Uncharted 2 yet

  • tarbis

    Swap borderland with Demon’s Souls and make it first runner up while you’re at it.

  • Xbot

    Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

    Not game of the month.
    not game of the year.

    Game of the Decade.

    there is no other game that can match this Epic masterpiece until maybe God of War 3.

  • Guy

    Another day another list, again missing Forza 3 and Tales from Liberty City. Either someone is simply living in denial, or they simply live in a tomb and miss out on some of the greatest games this year

    • David Macphail

      Oh dear – another day, another list, another mildly retarded Xbox 360 fanboy who can’t spell.

      First of all – it’s called EPISODES From Liberty City, not Tales From Liberty City. If you’re gonna be a world – class fanboy (Which is obviously what you’re training for) then at least get the name of your own (Timed) exclusives right.

      Forza 3 is the most garbage game in the history of the planet – Colin Mcrae: DIRT 2 is loads better, get over yourself. Either you’re living in denial or your blatant, blind fanboyism is causing you not to play any game that isn’t exclusive to the 360.


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