Game of the Month: September 2009

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Last time we did our first Game of the Month Feature, this time we are back to do our second feature and this time we look back at some of the games in September. September 2009 was really a big month since it had some of the biggest franchises from Bungie, EA and Polyphony Digital. There were a lot of  great games and we had a tough task picking up the runner ups and the winner. So folks check it out.

Runner Up Number 3:

The Beatles: Rock Band

Following in the footsteps of Rock Band 1 and Rock Band 2, The Beatles featured an impressive representation of visual and aural elements of the game. Also for the first time in the Rock Band franchise, three sequence harmonies were introduced. But the reason why it fails to be among the top in this list is its length. The game can be completed in a few hours. Any case The Beatles is a worthy addition to your collection.

Runner Up Number 2:

Dirt 2

Dirt 2 is prettier than original, has more varied tracks and a great multiplayer component. It has everything you need in a rally title, its a solid racing game with some really fun events and jaw dropping presentation. All in all Dirt 2 offers a great deal of value for its money and it easily ranks among all the top notch racing title arriving this year. A must buy for all racing fanatics.

Runner Up Number 1:

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2

Ryu Hayabusa is back for another PS3 installment. As with the original Sigma in 2008, the PS3 version came loaded with enhanced graphics but less violence as compared to the 360 version. Featuring new plyable characters in Ayane, Momiji and Rachel, Sigma 2 is a blast for the fans and must be picked by every fan of the series provided you have a Playstation 3.


Halo 3: ODST

Of all the things Bungie did right in ODST, the most important is the characters. Sure the Master Chief is a great guy, but players who appreciate the story will come to care about the squad and its struggles. This emotional connection makes the story as strong as it is and makes it the best story they have told. ODST is the pinnacle of story telling in a Halo game. All in all ODST is a game that no Halo fan should miss.

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  • name

    there is something seriously wrong with you my friend.
    when O when are people going to stop sucking M$ and bungies cock and stop hailling every bloody halo game as the second coming of christ.
    seriously that series has been crap and stale ever since the second game, and still people praise it as the second coming of christ.
    seriously M$ and bungie could make a halo game where master chief laughs at you the whole game, thats all he does just sits their and laughs and people would be praising it, giving it 10/10 and again praising it like its the second coming of christ.
    its really starting to bug be, no matter what halo can do no wrong.
    they make a game thats as repetetive as hell, have the same weapons bar 2 as halo 3,have a SP mode that lasts less than 5 hours and charge you 110AUD for it.
    seriously how the@$%# does that deserve game of the month.
    must of been one really ^%$#@#$ slow month.
    wets better than this, and thats saying something because wet sucks.

  • Chris Vogt

    Well as the editor who reviewed the game, I thought it was fantastic. If I or anyone else here thought the game did deserve this or the score it got it would not have been given such honors. The campaign tells an excellent story, firefight is a blast and the multiplayer is still the best the 360 has to offer. When you look at other games that offer no quality content that retail for $60 there is no rant from consumers, but when a quality game releases that was supposed to be an “expansion” but has become so much more everyone seems to have a problem. You shouldn’t be hating games that are worth the price, go after the dozens of games that offer no content but retail at $60. That is the true enemy.

  • name

    gears has better MP yes buggy but when it works its much more fun.
    and the story was interesting, you can relate with the characters you really care for dom.
    the ODSTs i couldent care less if they drowned in the sewer.
    thats true, NO game is worth 60 bucks, i live in australia and we have to pay 110 bucks for each game sometimes more.
    but seriously.
    ive played like 30 games on the 360 and every single one is better than ODST.
    wet, need for speed carbon,most wanted, shift, saints row 1 and 2, dark sector.
    you name it, its better than ODST.
    i could not care less that ODST is 60 bucks and it was suppose to be a expansion pack.
    fact being its a rehash, the SP lasts less than 5 hours.
    the MP maps are exactly the same as halo 3.
    thats worth 60 bucks?
    the only reason this is getting such high scores across the board is.
    A sites are scared of the backlash if they gave a bad review, and M$ could say sorry guys you are no longer permitted to give our games reviews till release.
    or B following the herd of sheep.
    i dont get it.
    i have been playing games since the nintendo 64 days, and i have finished EVERY SINGLE game i have bought, even if i hate it i am always compelled to finish it.
    ODST i got like 4 hours through and that was it i took it back the same day i bought it, it bored the hell out of me and finishing it would of been torture.
    you could not pay me to play that tripe.


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