Gamers Should Expect Xbox One And Windows 10 Versions of Games If It Makes Sense – Phil Spencer

Spencer doesn’t want to end up with “Frankengames.”

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Microsoft has faced quite a few questions about the company’s approach when it comes to what it plans to do with games launching on both the PC and Xbox One. There have been some people who thought the company is looking to launch games on both platforms while others are screaming about what a horrible idea that would be. The launch of Quantum Break has not quelled the fears of some, who believe the game shouldn’t have launched on the PC and a ton of glitches have popped up in that version since launch day.

Microsoft, after coming under the spotlight with questions about those plans appears to be trying to make it clear that not every game is going to be launched on both platforms just for the sake of dual launches. Phil Spencer recently sat down with Venture Beat and talked about his company’s intention when it came to how they are working on games in the very near future. “Our intent is for genres and where the creative makes sense in both spaces, we’ll put our games in both spaces. You see us doing that. But I don’t want to make it some kind of artificial mandate. Then we end up with Frankengames that weren’t meant for a certain platform. Because some suit said, “Hey, everything has to run on both platforms,” you end up with something people don’t want.”

It’s good to see that Spencer understands this, as it seems to be the key worry people have about Microsoft right now. The announcement that the company is going to be bringing even more cool features to the console this E3 might help quell the fears as well.

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  • lagann

    What Spencer here is saying is pr crap though. The statement doesnt make sense viewed from the “worried” console gamer perspective.

    He says that he wants to avoid frankengames by not mandating dual launches, but ANY genre imaginable IS suited to pc but is not the other way around….for example, strategy games like Starcraft would suck to play with a controller and an fps game can both be suited for pc and console, some even making the arguement that pc with m+k is better suited for fps games.

    What the problem is, and i share this concern, Spencer is afraid of going straight out and saying he wants to merge the platforms due to the fanboy backlash that will inevitably happen. I mean…its already well known ms is working on m+k support. Making the xbox console basically a mini gaming pc which should be able to play pc games, like strategy games, that have been traditionally played on the pc.

    I see nothing wrong with that vision and if that is ms’s vision for their console, then they should just straight out and say it. Making pr bs and trying to make it more complicated than it sounds just makes it worst. Those that dont share the vision can go to competing platforms.

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