Gaming Is Not A Race Between Consoles, Says Xbox Head; Discusses Handhelds And Nintendo Switch

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Phil Spencer is a good man, and he is sporting about the competition. This, at least, is well known, and also well accepted at this point. So of course, when he reiterates to his followers on Twitter that he doesn’t look at gaming as a race, you gain more respect for the man standing by his convictions even as the head of one of the major gaming brands.

Speaking on Twitter, Spencer stressed that he doesn’t view gaming as a race between platforms, and he does not view games as ‘weapons’ in a war. He is just concerned with making Xbox One and Windows 10 the best gaming platforms that he can. Gaming, he said, is bigger than a two console battle, referring to the competition between Xbox and PlayStation.

But he didn’t just not acknowledge Nintendo, either. He admitted that he loves what Nintendo does with its hardware, and he likes that Nintendo does not abide by conventions. Nintendo is good for the industry, he said.

That said, Spencer also says that Xbox did not enter the gaming portable market because they felt smartphones would take most of that market for themselves. While that may be true, collective, the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita have still sold 80 million units- not a number to sneeze at.

But Spencer was probably also bound by the larger direction that Microsoft was taking at the time. He is doing the best he can with what he has. We can at least laud the man’s efforts, and hope he truly does make Xbox the best place to play, as he wishes to. Healthy competition will be good for the industry.

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  • EverybodyHatesDoug

    May this game now and forever be used as a weapon against the Xbox One

  • One With Shadows

    Oh. NOW it’s not a race between consoles. Gotcha. Lol. Sure Phil. Sounds like somebody’s tossing in the towel!

    • Gamez Rule

      No matter how you look at it, PS4 is the lead platform this gen. Sony and MS are competing at the same price point nowadays so the row on sales and competition has become even harder to hoe for Phil and the Xbox team. Well that’s how I see it.

    • crazy_black_man-

      Phil is just a sore loser. He’s just a failure and he’s only trying to change the tone to protect his pride and the Xbox fanbase. He’s been trying to defend his constant failures ever since he took over. Such hilariousness!

    • Gamez Rule

      IMO I think Phil is posing what he’s being told to state via someone else within MS team. Or he has just lost the gamers view within this gen like MS has done in the past.

      PR at best but not helping him or the Xbone team/gamers.

    • theduckofdeath

      Of course Phil cares about sales. He is just saying it doesn’t all boil down to PS4 versus XB1. There are degrees to importance.

      Much more than PS4 and XB1 are involved. Phil has to consider Windows 7/8/10, DX12, Win32/UWP games and apps. He can’t just say, “build a handheld”, “build a VR helmet”, “build motion controls”, because Sony and Nintendo may be doing it. MS has to make the best decisions for their platform and now he has a much greater influence.

      I think his statement about installed base was pretty clear — active players is a better metric than sold console units if you are looking to predict potential sales for software. We know the XB1 installed base is over 26 million now, through 3rd party sources. Who does that number really help? It’s a “nice to know” kind of thing, but you still need to calculate a lot of other metrics to predict software performance.

  • Dougdec92

    I remember a console with an s at the end had a 3months streak out of a whole 36, I didn’t hear him being all “this”….

  • Riggybro

    So gaming is not a race between platforms but he would not enter the handheld market because smartphones would take most of the market share.

    Got it.

  • Mr Xrat

    Lying Phil sure is doing a lot of damage control on Twitter recently. Wonder if he’s feeling the heat.

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