GamingBolt Game of the Year Awards 2013

Perhaps the biggest year for gaming, but which titles earned the right to be Game of the Year?

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At the beginning of each year, as a high-profile release makes itself known, we often find ourselves thinking in advance just which game will be Game of the Year. It’s about more than just the prestige of being the best. Game of the Year also represents which experiences you’d be foolish to miss. It’s about recognizing the hard work that developers put in, year-in and year-out to entertain us. As the industry develops, matures and molds itself to fit its audience – with next gen consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One poised for dominance – there will still be a select few games that we’ll never be able to forget. GamingBolt’s Game of the Year Awards 2013 looks back at the year that was and picks out the select few titles that both loved and loathed.

Most Underrated Game:

Let’s face it: In an industry that produces hundreds of games a year, across multiple platforms, something is bound to be ignored. It could be a question of preference or just that the game is far too niche or controversial to really make a dent at retail or even a combination of both. For that matter, it could be a game that is just so good and yet, no longer finds itself in the public’s eye, enjoying a good but horribly short stint in the sales charts while being pushed aside for bigger and better titles. You’d have to look hard to see what we mean – so here are our nominees for Most Underrated Game of the Year.


– Fire Emblem: Awakening

– Metro: Last Light

– Beyond: Two Souls

– Starbound

– Saints Row IV

– DmC: Devil May Cry

Winner: Fire Emblem: Awakening

fire emblem awakening

Starbound may qualify as the most niche of the bunch but is still in beta and hasn’t seen a proper launch as of yet. But Fire Emblem games have never been the most popular, despite being nearly as old as Nintendo itself. The series has seen a renaissance since the GBA’s release and Fire Emblem: Awakening is perhaps the best offering yet. While it was the fastest selling game in the series till this point, it neither shifted millions nor really dominated charts for long. It’s a shame, because this is arguably one of the best games of the year. It’s so good it warrants purchasing a 3DS just to play it. The above games may have had their share of mixed emotions but at least they found great success and fame in some form (even if some were really good rather than great a la Beyond: Two Souls). Fire Emblem: Awakening? Not so much.

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  • Safeer Humayoon

    No tearaway nomination for best original ip?

  • datdude

    The Last of Us, no doubt. Number one with a bullet. And an axe. And a
    shiv. And a pipe with scissors taped to the end. And….

    • Dakan45 overrated game 8/10 8/5 but it doesnt worth 9 and 10s

    • S. Calcranstinsonhilmontin III

      If it were a movie it would be up for best picture. Got a PS3 just for The Last of Us, and it was worth every penny.

  • Van Chandler

    I agree with just about 99% of this, which is surprising. Fantastic list.

  • Dakan45

    I like how bioshock infinite isnt anywhere in that list.

  • Patrick

    No bioshock? Not even a nod?

  • S. Calcranstinsonhilmontin III

    Good job with your picks. I also love the fact that the most over rated game of the year: Bio Shock Infinite, did not make the running for your top picks. Glad to see The Last of Us getting the respect it deserves. Going up against GTA 5 is tough, and I will get months of enjoyment out of GTA 5. But The Last of Us is a story that is going to stick with me for a while. I would have liked to see Tomb Raider pick up an award, but I can’t complain with this list overall.

    • Trevor

      You’re not giving bioshock infinite enough respect, great story and great and new gameplay, the last of us was great but had terrible AI, gameplay glitches, the story was kinda generic since it followed what most zombies game do (the walking dead telltale game is a good example of similarities), and some of the gameplay was just dumb like not being able to push a clicker or not being able to kill a clicker that is closer than 10 feet, and the AI teammates (ellie, tess, etc) arent very helpful. And gta 5 is very overrated with generic gameplay, crappy story that made me not stay interested in the game after a day or two, most story missions were terrible, and most features dont really matter like haircuts and clothing, online had issues and still gets old fast

    • S. Calcranstinsonhilmontin III

      The Last of Us did have some glitches, and the AI was lacking in some respects, Sometimes the combat could be frustrating too, the clicker kills you cite are a good example. And Ellie was useless through most of the game. However The story was a cut above other Survival horror games, I can see similarities between Tell Tale’s WD and The last of Us. But you can choose what kind of person you want to be in WD. Not so with The Last of Us. The story was not ground breaking as far as originality, but it was the evolution of the characters that was something special. But with Bio Shock there was nothing gameplay wise I have not seen a dozen times before in any FPS. The tears were not terribly useful, and the sky hooks felt like a cheap gimmick. The story was interesting, but it did not make up for the mediocre gameplay. And with as much hype as there was around Infinite, and the glowing reviews, it was hard not to be let down. After playing through GTA 5 I do wish there was more to the story. It does not feel as complete of a story as say, Red Dead Redemption. GTA always comes down with features that are useless, like the ones you cited though. I wish they could have put as much time into the story as they did on the size of the city. But in the end, its all subjective. And another persons opinion, is just another persons opinion.

    • S. Calcranstinsonhilmontin III

      And no, I do not give games any respect. Games have to earn respect. That is the problem with so many reviewers. They do not look at a game on its merits. There is too much BS and money changing hands for the big review sites to be objective anymore.

  • S. Calcranstinsonhilmontin III

    Glad to see Tomb Raider was in the running for Game of the Year too. It seemed like Tomb Raider was overshadowed by Bio Shock Infinite. I played through Bio Shock, and was very disappointed that it did not live up to the hype. The next week I played through Tomb Raider and was seriously pissed it was not getting the attention it deserved. The Original Tomb Raider was the first game I played on the original PS. I hated it, and dismissed every Tomb Raider game released since. Picked the new one up on a whim and loved every second.

  • Saunderizer

    The Lat of Us is good, just not great. Enjoyed Bioshock much more. Worst game mechanics should go to flying in “Lego Marvel”

  • Trevor

    No bioshock infinite on the list, metacritic is the best place for reviews because its a combination of critics and it had the 3rd highest score of all video games of 2013

  • Herb04

    How did PoE get a nomination, yet Dota 2 which came out mid 2013 didn’t get 1?


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