GamingBolt Off Topic Discussion: The State of The Android Market

We discuss the state of the Android market and how some of the apps could be useful for gamers.

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Android Market’s potential revenue-wise is tremendous, although, it still plays second fiddle to iOS even though Android’s install base is undeniably gigantic. The rise of the market has been phenomenal with fantastic growth rates but piracy is always a factor when it comes to a sort of open environment such as these. Inpsite of that the growth rate has been satisfactory, housing all sorts of apps –both paid and free– along with a pretty sizable, intelligent userbase.

It comes installed on by default on a lot of devices running Android offering you a way to buy things from Google’s store, and that’s one of the key reasons why the growth has been so satisfactory. For games the install base is quite advantageous and all types of mobile games can be found on the store. Google isn’t that aggressive compared to Apple in securing exclusives like, say, Infinity Blade and all, but Android does get some gems that can’t be found anywhere else. Devices made by different manufacturers comes with some games installed by default, these can range from Angry Birds to anything. In-game monetization has not taken off as much as Google would have liked but it’s still significant enough to offer a decent environment for developers to experiment.

Google Play can be termed as an enhancement to the Android Market with a good branding as Google felt that it was too generic and didn’t offer that visibility that they desired. The re-brand happened few months ago and has been received quite well by consumers. The service offers everything that was available before and also has significant upgrades to increase accessibility. Content is grouped well and the interface is quite good to look at as well. Play Shop Apps is just a different name and a cool sounding one as well, and purchased games here have a great visibility allowing users to properly identify what they’ve bought. So basically, it’s purely cosmetic and done to just enhance user experience.

Mapmyrun is an Android app on Google Play that lets you track the route, distance, pace, and more in real-time using GPS. It would have been amazing if some sort of app like this was devised for gaming so that gamers could test how much calories they burned and so on. There is a lot of promise shown by this app, which is also available on iTunes. Currently this app isn’t useful for gaming related activities but there’s a lot of ways this could be expanded to provide gamers some sort of a way to monitor their body.

Android Blog, meanwhile, is a place where the Android team posts regular updates and we would like them to post gaming related things and how it is affecting the platform. It would be nice to read about the influence of gaming on the Android eco system, and the downsides of an open software, where piracy is prominent. Of course, this would require the team to be transparent but in the age of PR and what not, it simply won’t happen.

These are powerful tools to empower gamers and spread the word about the latest happenings especially gaming related and we would like them to take an initiative to promote gaming more.

What do you guys about this? Let us know in the comments section below.

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