Gears of War 4’s Hammerburst, Matchmaking, Leaver Penalties Will Be Retuned

Backfilling for Horde matches also being looked into.

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Gears of War 4

The Coalition has compiled a list of “top level items” that it’s currently working to fix in Gears of War 4 with community manager Adam Fletcher weighing in.

On the subject of the Hammerburst and online play being “dominated by long-range combat” with it, it was noted to be a “big pain point” for players and would be tuned in a future update.

Another issue is matches beginning without a full player roster. “There may be a quick fix that we can do on the backend to address this but it may require some additional work that would come in a later title update. We will do what we can to mitigate and correct this one as soon as possible,” according to Fletcher.

Leaver penalties will also become harsher in the future though it’s not known when. “Unfortunately, this requires a bit more legwork but we are seeing if we can prioritize and have this come out sooner rather than later. We expect this in a future title update but not the next large one.”

Other changes being worked on include other ways for players to earn Gear Boxes, backfilling in Horde and more. What are your thoughts on the issues? Let us know below.

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  • d0x360

    Considering the state most games launch in these days I think the coalition did a really good job in gears 4.

    I didn’t experience any issues during the campaign and so far I’ve seen nothing bad in multiplayer.

    The game is also excellently optimized. I started playing on a 290x but then upgraded to a gtx 1080. I gotta say despite the huge gulf in performance the 290x ran the game at 1080p 60 ultra just fine which means even older cards can have amazing visuals.

    The 1080 can run the game at 4k with nearly ultra settings at 60fps as well and if nvidia would fix their garbage dx12 drivers I think even more could easily be squeezed out of it.

    All in all this is easily the most solid overall game I’ve played at launch in quite a while. The issues that exist are mostly balance issues which is going to happen in any competitive shooter.

    Definitely something people should check out if they have a dx12 capable machine with a at LEAST a 4 core 3ghz CPU. It really does a great job of showing how dx12 can breathe new life into older GPUs provided they are still dx12 compliant and it’s especially impressive on the amd side.

    I should also mention the Xbox one version. It’s also amazing. The visuals are still stunning and it’s still very playable at 30fps plus I didn’t notice any dips then you switch over to mp and some of the visual effects are dropped which actually makes sense since you dont need big explosions all over the place and stuff for mp. At 60fps it controls nice and smoothly.

    I hope all devs take a cue from this and make their mp portions 60 and then boost the fidelity and effects work in single player with a drop down to 30.

    • crazy_black_man-

      “I started playing on a 290x but then upgraded to a gtx 1080.”

      You said this at least 4 times in different articles to zero applause, absolutely no fokks given by anyone, no continued interest whatsover, but you keep on telling the whole world. LOL. Its getting pretty pathetic. What a boring, unimpressive nerd you are, Sheldon.

      Oh, hey…btw d0x360 ,what fancy new gpu are you currently gaming on in your expensive rig right now? We’re all dying to know! LOL!


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