Girl mistakes gun for Wii controller- shoots herself

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A three year old Tennessee toddler, Cheyenne Alexis McKeehan, mistook a loaded gun for a Wii controller and killed herself. reported that the girl shot herself in the abdomen allegedly after mistaking a semi-automatic handgun for a Wii remote.

The girls stepfather, Douglas Cronberger, had left the .38 calibre weapon loaded on a table in the living room, where the toddler picked it up and shot herself. She was rushed to hospital but was pronounced dead later that night. The police are not treating it as suspicious.

The real gun on top, and the Wii peripheral on the bottom. (Thanks to for the image)

Mr Cronberger (who owned the gun) claimed he was asleep at the time, but that the girl’s mother was in the room with her. The mother told authorities that the girl may have believed the handgun was a Wii controller resembling a gun. The stepfather claims that his family had been disturbed by a prowler earlier that night, and that was why the gun was out and loaded.

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  • Neumann

    Bad parenting
    also, The Wii gun is no supposed to be black

    • Old Gamestop Employee

      Nintendo has made black wii-motes, so they have also released black accessories for the motes. So the gun could have been easily mistaken for a black wii-mote to the THREE year old girl.

  • Dumbas

    What the hell? You just know, without a doubt, that anti-game nuts are going to be all over this saying it is all video games fault, even though the father left a LOADED GUN WITHIN REACH OF HIS DAUGHTER.

  • Netherlands

    1. Why put A gun on the table in the house wit ha toddler?
    2. Verry weird cause why would some do put it on a table doesnt make sense even for a american.
    3. DAD did it!
    4. wel thats what you get when you allow citizens to have fire arms

    5. there aint no 5 this is just to stupid for words people dont think before doing something anymore.

    Good fight Fail people go to MC donalds to eat your sadnes away fags….

  • Uhh..

    Uhh, better question than why a loaded gun was on the table: Why was the safety off while a toddler was running around and the gun wasn’t being handled?

  • iillullii

    March 10, 2010
    Reply #1

    wii has had accidents b4, but this is out of nintendo’s hands, sad to say this is pure ignorance

    >wii has had accidents b4, but this is out of nintendo’s hands
    >but this is out of nintendo’s hands”

    can anyone say P.R.?…?

    im still lolin tho, that made me lol more.

  • Dbc0308

    Hmm, mum did it, accident… She wanted to fool around with the kid and mistakenly took the real gud instead of the Wii and pointed at her daughter…. Either way, damn shame…

  • Mark Perdue

    The Parents have to be at vault. How stupid can you be.

  • Matt

    Yes! Blame Nintendo! (Sarcasm).

    How can people say this is Nintendos fault? It’s the fact that the dad had left a gun with in reach of a three year old, and it was unlocked. Anyone who has possession of weaponry knows that there is a safety lock, and should have it on when not in use.

    It’s the parents fault, there’s no way to blame it on anyone else.
    The Mom was in the room, and should have been watching the child.
    The Dad was the one who left a weapon open to the child.

    This is a sad story, I feel bad for the child..

  • angela

    when the mom saw the child pick up the gun why she didnt do anything

  • angela

    EXAMPLE: its like the mom was just sitting there drinking tea and when the child picked up the gun she just sat there reading her book and drinking tea.

  • Puddinpop


  • Legion

    Someone needs to shoot her in the head, she’s too stupid to do it herself.

  • Parents should get the fucking death sentence


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