God of War 3 versus Dantes Inferno HD screenshot comparison

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2010 is easily shaping up to be one of the biggest and the best years in the video game industry. The quantity and quality of games which are due in 2010 is just amazing and God of War 3 is one of the most anticipated games of this generation. Even though it looks like Kratos will be chopping off every single game out there, Dante’s Inferno is one of the games that we at GamingBolt believe could potentially upset God of War’s empire. We decided to a screen shot comparison of the two games.

Note: Click on each image to see them in full screen. The first image is from God of War 3 and the second one is from Dante’s Inferno in each of the comparisons.

Comparison 1:

Here we compare the main protagonist from each of the games. Kratos without a doubt looks very well detailed. With his body ripped with muscles and the really angry look on his face it really does show that the developers have finally started to tap the potential in the PlayStation 3. Dante Alighieri on the other hand looks detailed as well. Especially his armor and his body covered in stitches does look very good considering this is a multiplatform game. However he lack the emotions displayed by Kratos, the character should feel alive whereas in this case, Kratos looks much more “alive” than Dante.

Comparison 2:

In this case we will consider the first of the many boss battles used for comparison in this feature. Here Kratos is seen in full action against the beast with Perses in the background. If you see the beast which is roaring it has immaculate details. The furand the eyes have been beautifully rendered, even the wrath of Perses is the background is very much visible. Dante on the other hand looks good. I can’t term it as a very good since the details on the boss lack big time as compared to the ones seen in God of War 3 screenshot. Kratos wins here hands down.

Comparison 3:

Here we consider a scenario where the two protagonists are fighting face to face with their enemies. To be honest this one if a bit tough to compare since details and also the amount of gore and blood that we can expect from such a scenario can be pretty much similar. Both guys are after one thing- thrashing the enemies to pieces. However with all due respect to God of War 3, we can say that using the weapons in Dantes Inferno could be a bit more fun since they have some really unique weapons in the design aspect. Tie here!

Comparison 4:

In this round we again compare both the games when there is a boss battle going on. Dante’s Inferno, surprisingly, looks a bit better in this one due to the lighting effects and a more intimidating boss in the background. God of War 3 though looking brilliant, pales a bit due to the somewhat low resolution boss. Dantes Inferno is the king here.

Comparison 5:

In this round we consider a scenario wherein the main protagonist is in fight with multiple enemies. God of War 3 looks amazing here and truly shines due to the power of the cell processor and the engine which is used to generate the lightening. If you see the enemies closely you will see that their ligaments are stretching just like it would in real life. Hell! Even the weapons look detailed. Dante’s Inferno on the other hand is a bit disappointing. The irregular edges and the aliasing effect really take a toll on the visuals. The amazing motion capture that made the enemies in God of War 3 look so real is missing. There is only one winner here.

All in all both games are looking absolutely slick and sharp. With a few weeks to go before the games release we hope that these issues won’t be present in the final retail version. But overall, the winner here is God of War 3 and it was not surprising.

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  • chuckster453

    I played the demo for Gow3 and Dante’s Inferno…Both games are great but the graphics in gow3 are more detailed and has a whole bunch of good shit in there. The boss battles are great! I could pwn them all day if I want! Dante’s Inferno well not so much..it’s just a ghetto version of god of war. So KRATOS ALL THE WAY!! I even got the game too!!

  • Whitepod

    I just bought dantes inferno which i did not plan to keep in the first place. The demo sux but when i played the game its not as bad as i thought. The scenes looks more realistic than i first thought although there were some that looks like disney cartoons but its not the kind of cartoon that a kid should watch. I only played through the reaper but i could tell you that its very much like the GOW except boobs are much more realistic.

  • Fedi

    I’d be honest with all of you God Of War III will hundred % be better. I’ve played both games and I swear if you say Dante’s Inferno is even slightly better then Gosh what planet do you live on. To compare both games you gotta look at lots of things and aspects but I gotta say this, I played Dante’s first and completed the game in such a long time and the reason for this was I got tired of the game routine, you know when the routine gets so boring and you have to stop for a while and continue when you miss the game, so for me that’s what it felt when I played Dante’s. And on the other hand you have God Of War III, I dare you to say you felt you wanna stop playing. I’m sure you felt very sad when you had to save the game at so some point to sleep or meet somebody that’s how good the game. Well, recently a friend asked what I thought of both games Dante’s and God of war , I just replied bud you can’t compare both to be honest lol God of War just had me addicted in so many ways. God Of War for me …

  • Holygoshman

    Just finished both, I can’t decide which I like better really. I can say a lot of the posts above seem real biased, both games are very similar.
    Biggest difference I felt was in the story and setting where it takes place.
    No Dantes Inferno’s graphics aren’t bad, just go back to masturbating to pictures of Kratos.
    If your a fan of the genre of running around face rolling epic bad guys with a lot of gore, get both games, neither are very long.

  • Al

    I recently bought God of War III, and i wasn’t disappointed at all, its one of those games when you start playing you cant stop playing it, the graphics, the gameplay, the story, even though some parts where difficult and pissed me right off, i couldn’t put down the controller. It didn’t take me to long to beat GOW3, and after i beat that i rented Dante’s Inferno, saw a few game trailers and decided to pick it up. To be honest it wasn’t a bad game either, i also liked the story and how everything came to the big conclusion, i thought the levels were fucked up, some of the boss’s weren’t as cool or bad ass as GOW3 but they were still kick ass, as for me i’m a fan of both the games, if i was to choose on buying which game first i’d say GOW3 then pick up Dantes Inferno, both good games in my opion

  • Constanstine

    DI have great storyline and better weapon. Seriously, I’m just sick of Kratos’s Blades. The whole franchise is like you’re playing over and over again with same moves. The only thing that hooked me up is the excellent storyline, yes I’m talking about killing gods. The graphic also improved over the years. GOW 3 is just epic, they can never make any better ending than that.

    Talking about DI, wad pissed most GOW fanboys are probably the exactly same gameplay. This is wad made DI highly rated and a good game. The developer was smart on making money out of this. If the gameplay was different, this game would have probably sank into the pit of failed games. Copycat 😀

  • iKiDD

    Games aren’t suppose to be judged on their graphics. You can have a awesome but shitty quality game, and a shitty but awesome quality game. So really, games are truly meant to be judged on their story lines, sure good graphics would make the game freaking awesome too, but it’s mainly their story, not the graphics.

  • Meglatron

    Enjoy writing, enjoy gaming and I also have a reasonably high standard – if a game is not up to speed then thats it!

  • Fg

    your comparison sucks so hard …

    • What do you meen it sucks so hard?

    • beeps

      He meant deep throat.

  • I think Kratos would win,cause Kratos is the best warrior in the world.

  • Why didn’t you just declare your GoW fanboydom before I wasted 10 minutes reading this moronically bias “review”.

    PS: Graphics don’t make the game, derp.

  • Shaq36

    I played GOW3 It is an amazing game the graphics are breathtaking and the Bosses are absolutely incredible, the storyline is exhilarating. If your looking for a malicious and chaotic game that contains gore GOW3 is no exception!! Kratos expessions really delivers that unresistable outrage that brings the protagonist realism, i have no regrets this is worth way more than 60$ Enjoyable


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