Gran Turismo Sport Announced For PS4, Looks Photorealistic

Your first look at Gran Turismo Sport for the PS4.

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gran turismo sport

After what seems like an inordinately long absence (even though it really was not, the last game in the franchise only launched two years ago), Gran Turismi is back. Maybe the reason it feels like it was gone for so long is because it has been a very long time since last Gran Turismo was good, or, well, relevant. But now, the new game looks like it will completely reboot the entire franchise.

It’s called Gran Turismo Sport, and it seems to be almost like a reboot of sorts for the franchise. The game will include two flagship FIA championships running simultaneously throughout the year, with one being the Nations Cup, where a player represents their country, and the other being the Manufacturer’s Cup, which sees a player supporting their favorite manufacturer in the series. Gran Turismo Sport will also see winners of these tournaments getting awarded at FiA award ceremonies at the end of the year, alongside actual FiA championship winners such as Lewis Hamilton- the result of an unprecedented partnership that Polyphony Digital struck with FiA.

It also helps that the game looks absolute gorgeous- seriously, for a minute, I didn’t even realize that I was seeing game footage, it looked like footage from actual races.

Gran Turismo Sport will be getting a beta test early next year. Presumably the launch will follow some time next year too. Stay tuned to GamingBolt for more coverage and information.

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  • XbotMK1

    “it’s been a very long time since last Gran Turismo was good, or, well, relevant.”

    You forgot a “the” in your sentence. Not only does your lack of writing skill show that this is a lazy article that you cr*pped out but how can a journalist who is suposed to be a video game fan make such a pathetic, hateful, bias, and delusional claim when Gran Turismo is the highest selling real racing sim and it revolutionized the genre?

    It must be that you’re salty over how Forza 6 seemingly failled sales wise.

    They didn’t show off much about the gameplay so your claim that this is not a reboot came straight from *ss. All we know from the trailure and stage presentation is that this is basically a new competitive game mode they’re creating as they continue improving the game to take advantage of the PS4 performance. This is called innovation, something that Gran Turismo has always excelled at.

    Seriously Pramath, you need to be kicked out and forbidden from coming anywhere near video game related journalism.

    • Hermione Granger

      i guess he have been burnt by all the patch downloads from gt5, that was a nighmare..

    • berj79

      get a LIFE man. You lost the plot.

    • Starman

      stfu !

    • Tech junkie

      Do the voices in your head sound as crazy as you? You should seek help if they do.

  • Starman

    “photorealistic” ha ! another tech demo that will drop majorly in quality when ported to that crap you call a nextgen console(ps4) …lol

    • Belazur .

      Xtards gonna Xtard!

  • zcar_driver

    Hope its a good game. you PS4 players need a good racing game. Not that garbage Driveclub. I ended up with an X1 Forza 6 and a thrustmaster, but would like to try GT again. last one i played was GT2 on my old PS1

  • Gabriel Porto

    Bringing GT to the market will benefit everybody. I have this sort of feeling that will be pretty much like past gen. Turn 10 releases 2 not so impressive Forzas and then Polyphony sets the bar with Gran Turismo and the press gets crazy how realistic it looks.

    What happens next is, pretty much like past gen, MS will put all their first party houses into mission to save Turn 10 from being humiliated, like they did with Forza 4 (pretty good looking game that can rival with GT). And then, at the end of the day, we’ll all have two photorealistic Racing games in two distinct platforms. 🙂

    Ah, oh, and before someone says something, Forza 6 is not impressive. If you want to, we can discuss the technical problems with the title.

    • zcar_driver

      F6 is not impressive.. , but its a fine game. looks good plays good for me anyways, its just not as good as F4. F5 was bad

    • Gabriel Porto

      Couldn’t agree more.

    • Alistein

      Why would turn 10 be humiliated. Forza 6 is about the best car racing sim on the market and like the article said it’s been a while since GT has been on top. From the looks it does look better visually than Forza but drive club also looked better than Forza but gameplay wise Forza was better also Forza is 1080p and 60fps. It’s too early to say how these new GT would fare at least until the beta comes out. I will wait to see more on these new iteration.

    • Gabriel Porto

      Hey Alistein, not trying to start a war, what you said is very accurate . The handling was realy good, but to maintain the 1080@60 they had to make a lot of concessions in the presentation of the ‘Racing simulator’.

      For example, the texture filtering is very poor. You can check thazt and see the lines on the ground when you move your car. Poor AA, poor textures, the light is pre calculated (it’s not real time), reflections on the cars looks weird, the water on the track is pre calculated as well and it’s not an object render, it’s just textures that is determined to execute an animation when you pass them… sounds a lot like Halo5, concessions, concessions and concessions just to keep 60fps.
      If you think that this is not accurate, you can check Digital Foundry.

    • Alistein

      No worries I pretty much said driveclub and this new GT look better than Forza 6 however driveclub pales in gameplay comparison as most racer fans will tell you. Just the customization details in Forza 6 is insane. I hardly check digital foundry they pretty much ruin the experience . In any case regardless of whether it’s pre calculated or not it does the job and almost all the reviews hardly notice this. I think turn 10 made some concessions yes but they also improved the game alot from 5 and I’m sure now with cloud and DX12 they will be able to improve the game more on it’s next iteration. The thing is driveclub might have hit the same curve Forza did if it was going for 60fps, right now the experience id what matters most not visuals as these current consoles are quite weak.

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