Grand Theft Auto 5 On PS4, Xbox One And PC: Release Date Leaked By Amazon

Will be out on October 28th apparently.

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Take this with a grain of salt but it seems that Amazon spoiled the release date for Grand Theft Auto 5 on the PC, Xbox One and PS4. Apparently, the open world title will be releasing on October 28th. The listings have since been removed but screencaps were taken of the PS4 version, which you can see below.

It doesn’t seem very far-fetched since Rockstar stated that the game would be out in Autumn. Grand Theft Auto 5 for the Xbox 360 and PS3 actually released a month earlier but given the number of high profile releases in October, this could be an attempt to cash in on the enthusiasm.

Again, this isn’t confirmed but it certainly seem plausible. Grand Theft Auto 5 on the PC, Xbox One and PS4 will retail for $59.99, and will include graphical updates to the overall game. It will also support all previously released Grand Theft Auto Online content. Will you be picking it up? Let us know in the comments.

GTA 5 release date leaked


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  • Psionicinversion

    ive heard that PC will be far superior to all console run at 60 fps and higher densitys across the board and draw distance…. consoles just got owned again. Also quick search and i can buy/pre-order a cd key for it for £26 consoles cost about £50… just got owned again

    • coip

      Xbox One version will be the best, as usual, due to the superiority of Xbox Live.

    • Psionicinversion

      you can keep your online play im not interested in it, the actual game will be amazingly beautiful on PC youll prolly get 900p 30 fps and downgraded visuals with 3 ppl on the streets on your xbox

    • coip

      I’m not interested in eye candy. Just gameplay and user experience. “Xbox, record that.” Boom.

    • Psionicinversion

      thats because there is no eye candy on xbox

    • coip

      Don’t care. My favorite Xbox One game is Super Time Force. It’s 8-bit graphics but it’s brilliant. That’s how much I care about eye candy. No real gamer would.

    • Nikita Katchik


  • d0x360

    This is good and bad. I’ve been waiting for this version before I jumped into the online game. Great that its coming but at the same time its horrible to release it in October. Sept to Dec is packed with games I want and its going to be hard to justify buying gta5 all over again when there are so many games I haven’t played already being released the same time. Rockstar should have had this ready for like July and if not waited until January or February

    • Segroukin

      Blah blah blah! Some of us just got the PS4 and held back on buying the GTA V on older consoles cos of the poorer graphics and performance. I for one is anticipating the imminent release of the game this fall. Pushing the release date further will only kill me cos there’s barely any decent game on the PS4 atm.

    • d0x360

      Understandable complaint but in October tons of awesome games are coming out and going by the massive sales numbers most gamers already own GTA 5. So why release it at the same time as tons of other games. Then people like myself who already own it have to decide on playing GTA again with better graphics or getting an entirely new game we have never played before.

  • Eazy Luck

    I would get both the Xbox One and the PS4 because I was playing PlayStation when I was like 2 and when I got the 360, I was very excited when I got it for Christmas and also for the bonus in the PS4 version which is very cool

  • moonshifter

    Another possibility – it’s close to Christmas, so they postpone it until it’s nearer to the holiday, when people tend to dump more money. That way it would sell more copies.. maybe.

    A prediction – Even though it’s not the same engine or code, or anything else, everyone with a crappy PC and 1/2 a brain will try to turn the settings all the way up. It will skip and jump, and not look great on their bargain PC or what was an expensive but 4 year old system. Or they will refuse to get a new graphics card. Then they, like parrots will do, claim it’s a bad port, even if it’s not. Smart people will know whether it truly is good or not. But the less than smart ones are the same ones who would do something dumb like that.

    Bottom line. Look at it. It should look at least as good as first gen Xbox or PS3 on a computer that’s only a few years old. If it does, there should be no complaints. What? You want it to look way better than the consoles, with HD or better, maxed out, eye candy, high fps, stereo vision etc? Well then you are going to have to pay for it by having an up to date PC and graphics card then. If you don’t bother to do that, don’t bother to open your mouth to complain. What annoys me, is I feel like I am predicting a firestorm of idiots and people who leave one star reviews on Amazon due to not understanding things. I hope it doesn’t come to that. Put it this way. I had GTA 4, and running on a three year old system the day it came out, it ran great! Yet everywhere I went I kept hearing, OMG, it’s so slow! Again, if you get 30fps and it’s LOCKED, it will not skip or jump and be smooth on a good graphics card.

    If you don’t get good performance, find out what people who get good performance are using and upgrade your system. I suspect this game will run pretty smooth on computers that are four years old and newer. Also make sure your gfx card and motherboard aren’t so weird, unpopular rig. Or lesser known gfx card. Go with what is popular and you will be rewarded. You just may not get to turn up every bit of eye candy so that it looks way better than the consoles, especially new ones if your system is several years old. Again, that is still possible. But if you want it, you will have to pay for a great PC. Otherwise, enjoy it for what it is and that it will at least likely be better than gen 1 on your older system. Me, I’ll be playing on a 2014 system.


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