Grand Theft Auto 5 On PS4, Xbox One & PC To Receive New Radio Tracks, PC Version Not Canceled

The new versions are still due for Fall 2014.

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Remember that Grand Theft Auto 5’s 8th generation port that everyone is so excited about? It just got improved and expanded. Today, it was confirmed via Cara Delevingne’s twitter feed that there would be a bigger track list for Non Stop Pop FM, the fictitious GTAV radio station.

These new and updated tracks will be included in the new  PlayStation 4, Xbox One & PC build of the game and possibly for the original 7th gen PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 build.

Furthermore, the official Rantic website (they are a marketing firm) was allegedly hacked by users of the 4Chan forum in the wake of rumours surrounding the PC version’s cancellation. Keep in mind that although a symbol that generally represents the hacker group “Anonymous” was left on the site, but thus far the group hasn’t assumed responsibility.

Furthermore, there was a rumor floating around earlier this week about the PC version getting canceled. Publication FoxWeekly, posted an alleged conversation between Rantic Chairman Jonn Hoffberger who said, ”Rockstar never wanted to release a PC version of GTA V, but due to high public demand, they were forced to do so.”

This rumor was debunked by Rockstar themselves who stated that all three versions are due this Fall. The return of the Radio DJ to the booth seems to fly in the face of all of this and screams that the game is still very much alive.

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  • d0x360

    Anonymous is not a group and therefore cannot take responsibility. Anonymous is a collective of individuals. Any single one of them can “represent” the entire group.

    If a site was defaced with an anonymous logo then the hack was done by anonymous. Plain and simple.

    I am anonymous. You are anonymous. Every person alive is anonymous. That’s the point.

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    • d0x360

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