Grand Theft Auto 5 PC Mods Update: Russian Developer Gains Access to Encrypted Files

Perhaps the game will receive extensive mod support in the future afterall.

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It goes without saying that one of the things that drew players to the PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5 was the potential for modding it. Since its release, Boris Voronstov of the ENBSeries has said modding is effectively “impossible”. This was followed by the developer of the iCEnhancer saying that the mod would be coming to GTA V on PC eventually lending Boris’ claims a hint of hyperbole.

A Russian gamer and software designer for OpenIV has since shown that modding is indeed possible in the game. Rockstar have since removed the images from their forum, hiding the trail from modders everywhere. Luckily, he shared a couple of images through his Twitter feed, where he also coined the word, RAEA which means Rockstars Annoying Encryption Algorithm,

While the future of the game seemed bright, due to the possibility of modding potential, things seem a little bit more dim for the time being. Perhaps modding capabilities will come later, if not the common consensus is that the game will “die” on PC.

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  • d0x360

    Here’s the issue. GTA online. Its all running in the same world using the same files. If you can mod single player you can mod multiplayer. I wouldn’t be all that surprised if all these delays were just them trying to figure out ways to protect GTA online against mods.

    What they should have done, at least on pc is split the game in 2. Have a different executable and set of files for GTA online. Secure just the files specific to GTA online and then let people mod single player however they want

    I get that GTA online is more than a game. Its a platform, a service. It will let them keep making money on this game for years but they have to consider that gamers want more and expect more from GTA. They have this massive world to play in and to tweak and change. That’s part of the experience. Taking that away was a mistake. If it comes down to breaking some security then gta5 will be modded. Rockstar will have wasted time and money trying to secure something and that never works.

    They should put some faith into their player base instead of assuming everyone will just cheat.


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