Grand Theft Auto 5: “The PC Is The Only Machine To Achieve A Frame Rate Higher Than 30FPS”

“PC Master Race”

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The “PC Master Race” once received a horrible kick in the teeth, the offender was Rockstar and they had Grand Theft Auto IV emblazoned across their shoes. Now, it looks as though the PC build of Grand Theft Auto V is the definitive build of the game, seemingly far surpassing its console counterparts.

To help assuage gamers and convince them that their fears of a shoddy port are unfounded, they have release a fact sheet for the PC build. It reads, in part, “Our goal with the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V was to not only make the most graphically and technically advanced version of Grand Theft Auto V, but also the most flexible and configurable version, so that players on all kinds of PCs could experience GTAV at its best. Modest minimum system specs will still achieve beautiful visuals and steady performance, while hardcore PC players with access to top-of-the-line rigs can crank up the visuals.”

Seemingly aware of the benefits that the PC can bring when compared to consoles, a portion of the fact sheet says, “The PC is the only machine to achieve a frame rate higher than 30FPS. Enjoy running around Los Santos at a smooth 60FPS for ultimate control, handling, and precision targeting.”

It also goes on to mention that although the PS4 and Xbox One builds of the game doubled the draw distance of the previous generation versions, the PC version expands this even further, letting players “see for miles with even more clarity and detail than previously possible”.

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  • mike2293

    Wow i just finished it on PC and i have to say that this game is AMAZING!!

    i will write some review later but here are quick pros and cons:


    Gorgeous, huge and intricately-detailed world

    Heist missions are a blast to plan and execute

    Three character dynamic works a treat

    Massive, varied and detailed world

    Brilliantly varied missions stick in the mind



    i am game tester from this site and i can recommend it to EVERYONE!!!!

  • Psionicinversion

    Pc master race for life. Consoles do have there place, just like the ouya or a roku but you want get serious with graphics and frame rate PC is the only way to go

    • Ricoh123

      The only thing serious here is the PC rocking a 2 year old game at slightly better than 30 fps.

      The game is over 2 years old…..

      Let that sink in for a while.

    • Psionicinversion

      The game is over 2 years old lmao really??? Think you should go check the release date and come back before you sound even more stupid than you do already

    • Ricoh123

      Sorry, my bad….

      *Nearly 2 years old*


    • Psionicinversion

      1 1/2 actually, nothing nearly about it. Besides it apparently ran like crap and didn’t look that good so you got a better version on x1/ps4 and the version that rock star wanted to put out right from the start on pc. Pc is the best all developers know it they just won’t say it because you’ll have alot of @$$ hurt fanboys out there

    • Michael Norris

      The simple fact that people like you need to parade the fact Pc can be much more powerful than consoles just shows how moronic you are.My current Pc has a graphics card that costs nearly as much as a Ps4 and nearly more than a Xbone.My mobo is close to $200 alone my point is Pc hardware costs more you pay for what you get.Consoles will always be a part of gaming because of it’s ease to use compared to a Pc.

    • Psionicinversion

      That imaginary pc is pretty expensive!!

  • Michael Norris

    To run that double draw distance you will need a nice setup.


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