Grand Theft Auto 6 Is In Development – Report

It’s only just begin development, though.

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Grand Theft Auto V launched in 2013 on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, followed by a 2014 release on PS4 and Xbox One, and a 2015 one on PC. It went on to become the highest selling game of all time– so it should not come as a shock to anyone that Rockstar are already working on a sequel. Apparently, Grand Theft Auto VI is now in development.

That said, it seems to be very early in development- so much so that, as of right now, even a location has not been decided for the game yet. At some point, Rockstar did consider developing a Grand Theft Auto Tokyo, but the idea was given up on, with Japan’s clogged road system being the major deterrent.

Of course, if all of this information is true, then Grand Theft Auto VI is years away from release- the earliest we would see it is probably 2018 or 2019. In the meanwhile, it is likely Rockstar has something else in the works- perhaps a Red Dead 3 that we might finally see announced this year?

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  • Psionicinversion

    theyve got quite a hard job to get better than GTA5. expecting GTA6 2020 at the earliest. Hope they have san andreas style radio stations but seeing how everyone gets offended these days its got be hard

    • d0x360

      I’d say 2018 or 19. They started before gta5 was even released on the last gen consoles. They will wait until the next round of consoles before launching another numbered game simply because GTA Online is a platform in itself and it makes them tons of money. The only reason to move on is newer hardware opening the door for a bigger game.

      We might see a smaller GTA between now and then but its far more logical for them to just release single player dlc.

      So really it depends on when sony and ms move the cycle forward. If gtao wasn’t a thing we might see 2 big releases in a generation but this gen is looking short anyways. We are likely more than half way through.

    • Psionicinversion

      so theyll release on x1 and ps4, then upgrade it for xbox next or whatevefr and ps5 thn rel;ase for pc

    • d0x360

      If Xbox one and ps4 are still around in 2020 we live in a sad world. By then phones will be more powerful especially if they shrink HBM down even further.

    • Psionicinversion

      well regarding GTA5 the map size was held back by the ps3 and 360 so gta6 will be much bigger anyway. HBM doesnt make the phone more powerful, think i read the power draw of 32GB HBM2 is like 150 watts

    • d0x360

      No it doesn’t make it more powerful but it allows for massive amounts of data transfer insanely fast so you will see games running on mobile platforms that don’t use the same 5 textures over and over. It also allows for higher quality shaders because they can quickly swap them into and out of memory. Using normal mapping they swapped in and out quickly they can easily match model quality of the current consoles.

      If isn’t always about power. Sometimes it’s about simple efficiency. Occlusion culling for example was a huge deal when it hit the scene but today nobody talks about it. It wasn’t a feature that made a gpu more powerful but it allowed it to use its resources far more efficiently.

  • d0x360

    No ****.

    There’s been a GTA game in constant development since gta1. There is always a GTA game in development since they take about 4-5 years from planning to testing to actually make.

    • Louise Michael

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  • 32-44-33-34-24

    Hopefully, no split stories, a helluva better character create system for online and ( since Saint’s Row/Godfather/Fallout proved it can be done in sandbox) single play.

    Oh, and don’t gimp the post story play to favor online. For single play, it’s nowhere near as fun as prior iterations in the series post finish.


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