GTA 5 Epsilon Program Tweets gives some hints about the game

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Grand Theft Auto 5 viral marketing is in full swing with Epsilon Program Twitter account providing some much needed humour with their clever tweets. It’s also a reminder of how good the writing is in GTA games, as Rockstar has always delivered in that area when it comes to pure wit and hilarious dialogues.

The account could be taking a dig at fanatical GTA fans with tweets such as: “Absolutely not a contradiction. We admire your passion… but misdirected passion can be a weakness.”

There’s more:

“But as has been made clear the supplementary (but tax deductible) charges levied on additional courses and study programs – written, don’t forget, by some of the world’s finest intellectuals, scientists and celebrities – are dependent on the desire of the student to pay the right amount for the knowledge they are getting.

“So when you ask ‘how much?’ how can we answer without a full, accredited analysis of both your finances and of your thirst for truth? Any high ranking Epsilonist at your local office should have made this clear, as it is written into most of the literature, usually in small print. We will be running a truly remarkable online study program which we hope will add a lot of clarity.

Remember, when you are ready, you will understand. If you don’t understand, you are not ready. The purpose of Epsilon’s much valued study programs is the acquisition of readiness and the revelation of those who are Unsaveable. And we all know what happens to them.”

 This could be indirect hints asking fans to be patient and wait for more information.

You can check out their Twitter account here.

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  • Gtafan21

    Damn cryptic gamers.. Mainly just me with too much anticipation built up for this game! I still don’t understand these hints someone please help!?

  • i can’t be bothered any more

    i am getting annoyed with GTA now and as a result i will not get the game. for 3 reasons:
    1, we have had so little info and no explanation as to why which it p*ssing off many many people

    2, trolls claiming they know when they don’t getting innocent and unexpecting fans and conning them is getting out of hand and now no one can really trust anything outside of GTA 5’s site which is getting R* lots of views but still, no answers to, what i can only assume is, millions of questions posed to them since the game’s announcement

    3, the illusion of “wow, GTA 5 looks amazing. can’t wait!!!” has just been replaced with “FFS, GTA. I AM SOO BORED OF THIS SILENCE. MORE NEWS NOW!!!” and as a result, i know that, for me, if i got the game, i would be like “wow! that was cool… but… why couldn’t they have just told us that?”, “that thing they clearly did in a day could easily have been shared with us” and “i can’t see why they didn’t tell us why they were silent at the least” or “why where they silent. i see no reason” and that has ruined it for me even before it has been released

    Trolls, don’t fight me, it is my view and i will not be fighting you to protect it

    • cabin

      stop lying to yourself you know your going to get it and there being quiet because maybe they want the hype to die so that the next update blows you away and then theres a release date do i like the strategy no but i believe they have there reason, maybe they new they were almost done and were still fixing thing that couldnt fit and if thats the case its not near done.

    • I hope they go Next Gen, If I waited this long, might as well. But if they do that, they better amp the graphics even more and the physics to the level of the 6x more powerful Next Gen to start with. But if it’s current gen, I’ll be pleased as well. It’s that a game set in LA with this much variety going on, deserves a Next Gen treat.

  • Tim Ferguson

    Morgan August.

  • Prophetless

    I’m happy with just those 2 screenshots we got a while back. Once the game finally comes out, I won’t be buying anymore games for at least 6 months. I’ll be too hooked on GTA 5 to want to play anything else. Just like I was with GTA 4 for 6 months.

  • stahp_it

    I reckon that rockstar is doing a great job not releasing much news on the game, you still want the game because your craving the news/game and when the game comes out you’ll know nothing about it and there will be so much more to discover. If you’re complaining about not getting enough news then you obviously want the news for the game, so deciding to not get the game over rockstar not giving enough news is just stupid because you’re complaining about not getting enough news for a game that you really want, i dont even know if that made sense…

  • Johnny

    You will still buy it at release day, I’ll bet on it.

    1. Impatience.

    2. You have the choice of experiencing the product BEFORE you spend your money on it.

    3. You think you can say what the general mood is? You think not revealing something and discovering it yourself has the potential to ruin? Facepalm.

    I’m not even a troll, I just hate this new generation of gamer attitude. Rockstar have a great track record with GTA and I’m sure they know as well as us that it is their supreme franchise. I suggest we all wait and let them spend time working on the game removing bugs and glitches instead of spoiling anything.

    Maybe you should go and play COD/BF3 (Guessing you play one of them) and quench your own impatience and I’ll see you online when the game releases.

  • megadaz

    im starting my own program with hints too here is one for you rockstar you suck ass is that clear enough for you


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