GTA 5 Release Date Update, ‘Could Realistically Slip To Financial Year 2014’

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The Grand Theft Auto 5 drama continues with Take-Two giving vague hints about the release date of the game. However, it’s something bad this time as the game could slip to fiscal year 2014.

We know that Take-Two is projecting high revenue for fiscal year 2013 and that can mean only one thing – the release of GTA 5 withing the fiscal year, which runs from April 2012 to March 2013.

Janco Partners’ Mike Hickey has predicted that the game could slip to fiscal year 2014. “We suspect both GTA V and Bioshock Infinite could realistically slip into a fiscal ‘14 release period,” his statement read, via Nowgamer.

However, there is contradictory evidence out there which suggests the game could be released in October or November this year. A guy has calculated the amount of time it took for a GTA game to come out after the trailers were first revealed for the said game.

Here’s what he found out:

What are your thoughts?  Tell us in the comments section below.

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  • Besdelnik

    It would be interesting to see when the release dates for each game were officially announced in relation to the first trailer and the actual release.
    GTA V is going to be massive according to this chart. I wonder if they just released the trailer earlier than they usually would or if they have actually been working on something that’s bigger than anything we have seen before. I don’t mind waiting if this is the case but please Rockstar tell us more!

  • davedavedave

    Rock star have got there ass tightened so much that people are starting to get annoyed. They more or less rushed the first trailer before they knew when they were going to release the game. I don’t think they even know when there going to release it. Total fuck up by rock star or a clever money making scheme?

  • twirpti

    at least with modern warfare and blackops you know when your getting

  • Doubt it i bet the release date is gonna be 2012

    • gta

      nop its not fanboy the longer u wait the better it get gta 5 in 2013 or 2014 or 2015

  • Prophetless

    The calculation for The Lost and Damned DLC is way off. I remember in December 2008 at the Spike TV VGA show was when TLaD was revealed. Then it was released for 360 in February 2009.


    It seems every single person on the net that reads this crap forgets that the release date is shared 4-6 months befor the actual release of gta titles. So lets just say for a second that Rockstar decided to pull their thumbs out of their asses and give a releas date in the next oh say….. 5 minutes. that would put the release of gta 5 at february or march of next year. Seeing that they have released information on the game like a couple of reluctant dudes who let their wives wear the pants, then to be realistic youll be lucky to see the game befor april of next year.


  • Braders

    April 2008 = GTA 4
    May 2011 = LA NOIRE
    MAY 2012 = MAX PAYNE 3
    ^^^ See the pattern?
    I think it’s fair to say, they’ll wait until that time until GTA 5 is released. Rockstar don’t like the Xmas competition. By viewing their trending release dates, I personally expect to see an announced release date from the company soon, but I doubt it will be before April 2013.

    • bobby

      your forget most gta were suppose to be released in oct and most did, now we still have a good amount of time for it to release some time in fall or late late december or early 2013 but i suspect a new trailer by sep and the release to be late november. if not november early january which would be a great time to make money.

    • Braders

      I didn’t forget. I looked at the facts and figures of their most recent releases and what dates they came out during this gaming era. Prior to 2008, there was less competition, and their release dates were not so much of a concern.

  • Badman

    I highly doubt it will release this year. Rockstar has only released one trailer and 2 screenshots, so it wouldn’t make sense that GTA V would release in a few months. I think the reason that Rockstar released the trailer so early was to get more people to visit their website so they could hype up Max Payne 3. I know it sucks that we are going to have to wait maybe 6-8 months, or maybe even more, but that just means we are probably going to get some new info on the game soon. But then again this is all just speculation.

    • bobby

      thats actually wrong i can explain it perfectly but ill try well since max payne 3 isnt as loved as gta its whould just be in its shadow so everyone keeps there eye on gta 5 and save there money for that now if they didnt release the trailer for gta 5 until max payne 3 released mp3 wouldve made more money because no one would be waiting for gta 5. i think they released the trailer to show the fans we have a surprise for you and nothing more not a money scheme but a present.

    • Braders

      I think you’ll find Rockstar worked on GTA 5 for several months and then put it on hold through their own difficulties. When things were back on track, they recommenced work on the project.

  • if rockstar had brains they would give a resease date its affecting the sales of their other games clearly because nobody cares the only care about gta so give a release date soon so people can relax and play other rockstar games

    • I hope they are adding an amusement park complete with water slides and ridable roller coasters… lol – imagine having to pay to get in, then you jump over the high fence, only to find police chasing after you inside the park, then you get into one of the rides while being chased haha

  • they need to set a release date so we pre order it

  • Skyderpants

    I agree Dave they did fuck up releasing the trailer that early, max payne 3 didn’t sell as well as it should have, and this I think is down to people thinking that GTA was on its way over the next few months, so I would say it was definitely a fuck up….Max Payne is a fantastic game, it doesn’t have enough of a community imo, and this is down to them giving false hope on their most popular title…..

    • GTA1971

      Spot on Skyderpants. Someone at Rockstar messed up big time with the decision to release that first GTA5 trailer so early. I know lots of people who viewed the Max Payne 3 promotions as nothing more than annoying distractions because they wanted to know more about GTA5 because of that trailer. Which is unfair as Max Payne 3 is a great game. But the decision to release the GTA5 trailer was an amateurish mistake which has cost millions of sales for Max Payne 3. FACT! Someones head should swing at Rockstar for this.

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  • pissedoffconsumer

    R* should seriously quit making video games and go work for the government instead. They are so good at pissing people off by keeping shit from the public that theyd be perfect for the job…

  • ace

    fuck it

    • shy chick

      well said, i really want it to release the date soon, but honestly im starting to not really care, if it comes out now or in 2014, but i do know when it is released, i will be one of the first to pre order it. but that was well said. fuck it

  • ScubaSteve

    GTA5 will 100% be released before June 2013….The next-gen consoles are getting ready for a Holiday 2013/2014 release date and GTA5 is not being made for a next gen console, it is being made for XBOX 360 and PS3, meaning that they wont release it for a console that is *soon* to be outdated- soon meaning 3-4 months. A 2014 release date is a JOKE. Expect Nov-Dec ’12 or March/April ’13.

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    DONT FUCKING TALK BULLSHIT IT WILL EITHER BE OUT 2012 OR 2013 NOT F***** 2014 no onder you int got a fukin brain you ass hole


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