GTA V to be announced before E3?

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One analyst has said that he believes a GTA V announcement could be comig pre-E3.

VG247 reported that Mike Hickey of Janco Partners said that a GTA V announcement could come before E3 later this year, but was unlikely to make a show at the LA event.

“There is building suspension for a pre-E3 GTA V announcement, although we expect nothing from Rockstar at this year’s official E3 event,” said Hickey.

“We think the next iteration of GTA for console can significantly outsell its predecessor, reflecting on the sales acceleration of the prior cycle GTA console iterations, an accelerating core gamer installed base, and the most talented / motivated development team in the world, in our view,” he further added.

However, Take Two president Strauss Zenich gave a speech to reinforce the developer’s standpoint;

“We’re not going to announce it. We’re not going to announce when we’re going to announce it. And we’re not going to announce the strategy about announcing it or about when we’re going to announce it either, or about the announcement strategy surrounding the announcement of the strategy.”

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  • music

    Looking forward to it!

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  • anonymous

    great speech by Strauss Zenich
    mind = blown

  • Jack Frapp

    Looks liek that is going to be a lot of fun!


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  • Casper

    “There is building suspension…”

    How about “suspicion”?

  • Joemoe

    Well isn’t the strategy about announcing it….that they are not going to announce it

  • aaron

    this mike hickey guy gets paid to predict things like this which sound disgustingly wrong to begin with, fuck him. if they’re following their old strategies it’ll be another year before anything.

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  • Eric

    1st due to epidodes coming to ps3 when xbox has had them for months should help ps3 users the right to get gta v first and let 360 users wait a years or so. F&$& xbox 360 users

    • Jordan

      It will always come out on 360 first because they need microsoft’s help to make the god damn game. So fuck ps3 they can wait as always, dont like it, get a 360, bitch ass. We got the addons to GTA IV so we will get GTA V first, bitchass

  • seeeeeeeeeeee

    analysts r 90% wrong n 10% right..

  • mob


  • Musser64

    It would have been fun if it was.


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