Habitat Dev On Xbox One: eSRAM Faced No Issues, Has The Horsepower To Deliver 1080p Experience

4gency founder Charles Cox talks development of orbital strategy game.

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Habitat: A Thousand Generations in Orbit

4gency founder Charles Cox spoke about the company’s upcoming crowd-funded orbital strategy game which will be releasing for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The key question as always is whether there were any benefits derived from the Xbox One’s eSRAM and unique architecture, not to mention the additional GPU power provided by the June SDK update.

Cox stated that, “Habitat is a bit unique. It’s beautiful, it’s performant, it’s fun… and it’s not yet straining against the performance ceiling on modern architectures. Call us lucky! We’re building the game in Unity so we’re focusing on the fun and not really spending our limited dev time getting down to the metal on issues like GPU optimization. It’s been nice so far.

Will the Xbox One and PS4 versions target 1080p and 60 FPS, especially given how both standards are highly coveted in today’s industry? “We’re seeing great performance on 1080p on PC so far – and it’s a beautiful experience on the big screen. As it’s a strategy game where details matter, our principle is that fidelity comes first. As we optimize we’ll dial in a target frame rate, but we think these machines both have the horsepower to give gamers a great 1080p Habitat experience.

As for any differences between both consoles (and subsequently, the PC) in terms of development, “Unity really makes platform differences opaque, which is great for us. We want to build a universal experience, one that plays great across all the platforms, and Unity really keeps us focused on that.”

Stay tuned for more information on Habitat in the coming weeks.

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  • Guest

    Now watch them Sony fanboys cry.

    • JerkDaNERD7

      Who give a crap about this. Just make great and unique games.

    • Guest

      Wow, you’re pathetic! Of course a weak game like this better be 1080p otherwise the X1 would be even weaker than it seems. And whats with all you fanboys being on edge? Y’all are spooked, not Sony fanboy has said anything nd here you are all worried about it.

  • Anders

    It’s not really surprising, it’s easier for small and simple games reach a high resolution and frame rate. Compare Habitat to games Metal Gear Solid 5 and Assassin’s Creed: Unity.

    • Jen Jackson

      agree. reddz foxx. not once they said. so tell us about this game or how it plays. but where your dummy son ? lol

    • Anders


    • Reddz Foxx

      He bit the big one before me.

  • brianc6234

    Of course it can get games to 1080p. the real problem though is can it match the PS4? The answer to that question is no. It isn’t even close to doing what the PS4 can do. DDR3 and this eSRAM cludge are no match for GDDR5 RAM.

    • JerkDaNERD7

      I like great designed games. I don’t know, I’m just old school like that I guess.

    • Mark

      Hunh? It has matched the PS4 multiple times. Sometimes, like in FIFA 15, PS4’s frame rate drops more than X1 (in DigitalFoundry’s own analysis video). If u didn’t know the X1’s issue is more related to SDKs and the lack of its intended API (DX12), more so than anything PS4 related. In fact the PS4 isn’t even lead console all of the time, PC is, atleast half the time. So the Xbox “chasing” the PS4 notion is an uninformed one. Again, how can the X1 run better frame rates (Dfoundry video) than FIFA 15 over the PS4? Doesn’t make since right? People r speaking out of ignorance. All one has to do is read Oles’ remarks from the 4A Games EuroGamer interview, to see the X1 is using workarounds in its API, costing studios headaches. This is the case with most 3rd party studio SDKs.

      However first parties r probably using the more updated ones. See FH2 and what it’s doing…….at 1080p. Not hard to figure out. This is all substantiated by Phil Spencer’s recent TIC podcast interview “DX12 will allow developement on Xbox 1 to be used to its strengths”. And yes that’s Esram and much more unoptimized hardware parts (Move Engines etc). In fact Microsoft’s Boyd Multherer has said the launch SDKs were out of date because of the DRM reversal, earlier this year. Point is, thru my homework, the X1 has alot of space to grow, hardware and software wise. Are we to say that a game like Trials Fusion (X1 900p) cannot be rendered in 1080p on X1? The producer said DX10 to DX11 (APIs) were inefficient. In contrast the PS4 is using a very efficient API. Here’s a screen of FIFA 15 to show there’s more to this power debate.

    • Jen Jackson

      well said.

  • Guest

    Hey look it (the X1) can actually do a indie game in 1080p. Wow, so impressive. Things a beast!

  • Psionicinversion

    this stuff is crazy… im done with the whole x1 vs PS4 debacle… when either console can render 30 million polys at its highest point and an insanely detailed textures and lighting like star citizen which is amazing for alpha build of landing zones with diffussion lighting i might take an interest.

    Difference between consoles and star citizen, main diff is SC CAN build a universe and let the hardware catch up. Consoles will only ever be left behind untill the next one, BUT seeing as SC will constantly be upgraded graphically when new methods come in it may be tough for a cosnole to ever keep up 😀

  • Dr. NEGA

    no issue right, esram only process the CPU 4 cores while holding the other 4 cores on commands to tell the next set of instruction’s than on slow system ram…another thing on xbox 1 microsoft thought they could fix AMD steamroller architecture of replacing L2 cache with esram size…that didn’t help on AMD either but only improving latecy but my point is micrsoft didn’t realize AMD faults on bulldozer cpu’s are not cache speed or cache size…its the amouts of way’s going to cache withen the 8 cores since its in pairs shared with L2 cache banks…and small size than FX series..so a 8-way L1data, 3-way L1code, 4-way L2, and 64-way L3 oops only for FX so AMD fix it by adding another 2 modules cores that makes total of 4 CM, 8 threads

    total than Intel 8-L1data, 8-L1code, 8-L2, and 48-L3 within the 4 core i7 multi threaded cpu’s total of 8 threads as well…and their cores are not in pairs or in boxes whiten the big box…WHAT KIND IDIOT THOUGHT IT WOULD MAKE AMD FASTER THAN INTEL…but their where almost close with Ivy Bridge…

    esram does not benefit GPU’s…….when its on the serial processor so that is not likely to work yet on steamroller…but AMD is planing to work only the last bulldozer revision architecture of virtual address space…

    • Mark

      “Esram does not benefit GPUs”. I don’t know man, I read a month ago from a developer (can’t remember who) that their optimizing the X1’s Esram for the GPU, actually benefitted their developement on PS4 and PC (the caches?). He was saying that that is where the industry’s moving. I cannot provide a link, excuse me lol. Was it the Trials Fusion dev? Can’t remember man. Not saying ur wrong as I’m having a hard time following all those dam numbers u put up haha, but I’m hearing more and more about this.

      Imo, I think 3rd party SDKs are key to getting the most out of the X1. Hearing Phil Spencer talk about DX12 (for SDKs) allowing developers to use the X1 toward its strengths, I feel this resolution mess will be cleaned up next year by MS. These arguments over resolution is taking focus away from the games imo. People need to be excited again, not angry or happy over who’s winning the console “war”. It is a fools argument imo. Consoles are not PCs, they don’t upgrade. Buy the system for its exclusives, controller and Internet gaming services and features. They are, in fact, what truly separates their identity. Boom

  • Charles – The Great and Powerf

    That’s dedicated VRAM. PS4 doesn’t have it!

  • Reddz Foxx


    Someone wake me up when the console wars are over. I get tired of the same old debates of who’s 1080p version of the game looks better. Night night


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