Hackers Reportedly Leak Thousands Of PSN Accounts & 2K Games Accounts

This is literally a ton of user data.

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Today, yet another another hack has occurred in the world of video games, allegedly. But it never hurts to be careful so just go on ahead and update your security information just in case. A group of hackers have claimed that they have leaked in excess of 5000 PlayStation Network, Windows Live and 2K Games accounts.

One individual claiming to represent the hackers has said, ““We have 800,000 from 2K and 500,000 credit card data. In all of our raids we have a total of around 7 million usernames and passwords. We have around 2 million Comcast accounts, 620,000 Twitter accounts, 1.2 million credentials belonging to the CIA domain, 200,000 Windows Live accounts, 3 million Facebook, 1.7 million EA origins accounts, etc.”

Now, while not trying to play the role of fear monger, the above numbers are pretty damn large. So don’t fall into the mindset of “I’ll be safe”. Seriously do go and change your security information asap and (if possible) change your security procedures as well.


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  • d0x360


    These guys probably breached some small site or were part of one of the many breaches over the years. They then take those email addresses and passwords and use bots to try them on other sites. So If you used the same password at http://www.boogiewoogie.com as you did on PlayStation.com guess what!? They now have access to your psn!

    They then compile lists of accounts the bots have verified and sell them on forums for cheap money. $50 for 100 working accounts. Then those people will use your account on a console, make it the home console, buy tons of **** and never connect online again. Free games!

    Use secure passwords. At LEAST 32 characters. Have upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols. Don’t use stupid passwords. Mix it up like… HJwonka5187#sh0eZ#278.

    Something you can remember but isn’t in a dictionary or something a random character generation tool won’t generate. The password above can be cracked but it would take a super computer over 30,000 years to do. Be smart, be safe and change your passwords monthly.

    • Mark

      Good stuff. People just need motivation to stay on their toes with changing their passwords.

    • Simmol

      Everything sound like you know what you’re saying till you get to the last paragraph…

      “Something you can remember but isn’t in a dictionary or something a random character generation tool won’t generate.”

      It does not exist anything that “random character generation tool won’t generate”

      People can’t remember way more simple passwords then you’re example 🙂

      Changing monthly is not a bad practice but still you will start rotating password or forgetting them all together.

      And people are not to blame here. We have weak security all over the Internet, that can be way better but no one cares. Just toss the ball to the user …

    • d0x360

      I understand what you are saying and don’t disagree.

      For the long password use things you can remember just make sure to add the flavor to it.

      Your word can be the first letter from each word in a phrase. Your numbers can be a number you know but isn’t directly tied to you so like the street address of 2 friends combined.

      There are ways you can remember huge passwords. I have a terrible memory for things like that but one of my passwords is 48 characters but its easy for me and me alone to remember.

      Passwords are terrible for security but its all we have right now. If 2 factor is available always use that.

      The only time I change passwords rapidly is when a breach or attempted breach has occured I don’t do that constantly. I do however change anything that has access to money at least once every other month and I never use the same password on different sites. That can make things tricky too but there are ways you can remember. For example take a base password that’s 12 characters and add in random letters from the main URL for a specific site.

      So if your password is say…

      5173super#1761. On GamingBolt it would be 5173super#1761ingbol or ingbol5173super#1761

      That way you can use a common base password across multiple unimportant sites but still have them be unique enough that a not will still see them as invalid when it starts checking them across multiple domains.

  • Nick Hunt

    Anyone else bother to check the accounts in the postbin that derp posted? they are all 100% fake. Does no one fact check anymore? LOL damn people are stupid and everyone got trolled hard.

  • Nick Hunt

    Update Novermber 22, 9.28am AEDT: We have been hearing reports that the leak may have been faked, either in part or full, using various methods, including repurposing customer login details leaked in previous data breaches. CNET would like to advise users still change their passwords, just in case.


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