Half Life 3: A New Case for Episodic Content

Everyone else is successfully doing it – so why not just release HL3 in episodic format?

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Remember when Valve Software first released Half Life 2: Episode 1 and announced that a “new Half Life” would be coming every month? Eventually it took its sweet time with Episode 2, though it promised that with the release of Episode 3, the entire run would form Half Life 3. That also failed to come to pass, but with the success of multiple episodic games – and Valve clearly showing its expertise in crafting the same – is it too far-fetched to think that Half Life 3 could be the same?

From The Wolf Among Us to even Metal Gear Solid 5 – which was split into two parts as Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain – Half Life 3 Episodes would prove financially and creatively viable. Fans don’t like your initial direction? Take their feedback and implement it in the next episode. A single game takes too long? Split it into 20 episodes for all we care. At this point, is more Half Life really a criticism?

Valve may face its fair share of flak, considering that Kojima Productions’ approach was met with criticism. However, as stated before, the company is capable of crafting solid episodic experiences within the span of a few hours. Would it hurt to take the same approach with Half Life 3? Let us know your approach in the comments.

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    😀 Its Happening!!!!!

  • Gaben


  • Alan!

    Yes and no I would like them to do it IF the game experience is going to be good you don’t want to play a game just getting in to it and then end having to wait month or more just for another part then same again it be different if its going to be hours long like 10hours long of content but that hardly the case I was disapointed in mgs 5 why did they change snake voice that’s really stupid and makes it feel less than it should be I couldn’t get in to the demo it just didn’t feel like mgs to me ( sorry for bad spelling on mobile divice )


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