Half Life 3 In VR? Valve Says It Would Fatigue You In 5 Minutes

So what will Valve be bringing to the HTC Vive?

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Considering the number of games that have been geared towards virtual reality in the last few weeks and months, it shouldn’t be a surprise that there have been some people pretty excited about Half Life 3 and the possibilities that game would have in the VR world. The talk about the game eventually coming to VR has been going round and round despite the fact that Valve has said time and time again that there really isn’t a chance of that happening.

As VR Focus points out, the company has no interest in making the game using virtual reality and in a recent interview Ken Birdwell has suggested that aΒ Half-LifeΒ VR videogame would β€˜fatigue’ players within five minutes. At the same time, Birdwell said the company is still very much in the stage where it’s trying to figure out just what it’s going to do with with the virtual reality boom. The company just released support for the HTC Vive and there are likely to be a few games that will indeed bring some seriously interesting VR tech.

Still, it appears as though Half Life 3 just isn’t slated for VR. The company has killed rumors about that particular platform so many times, it wouldn’t make sense to make a version of the game on VR at this point. We’ll just have to wait and see what is planned for the tech since the HTC Vive is slated to be arriving on the market on April 16, 2016.

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  • Raul Lugo

    dank this click-baits are fancy

    • Loli NekoGirl (Shouta Foxboy)

      How is this a clikbait? The title is a perfect one-liner of what the article is talking about.

    • Ken Gorman

      HL3 for VR or not implies HL3 has reached phases it hasn’t yet. Like, Do you think President Trump’s southern wall proposal will affect Putin’s demeanor at G8?

    • Loli NekoGirl (Shouta Foxboy)

      When i read “HL3 for VR?” I definitely didn’t think that there were any genuine updates about the current state of HL3. Maybe that’s because I’ve done too much research on whats going on with HL3.

      I clicked because I was curious about what the article actually said, especially with the recent updates on Source 2 and Valve’s VR/Vive partnership.

      I don’t know what G8 is and I don’t really know anything about Putin so I can’t say. Why are you asking that? lol

  • polysix

    bollocks, you design a game to work around VR you don’t tack VR on and call it ‘fatiguing’. I find it hard to believe anyone at valve would make such a dumb statement. YES HL in its current form (as someone who’s played HL2 on a DK2) would be pitiful and not great for motion sickness; technically sim sickness; and other things (though it still was very cool in places and I love VR!). What they would do is change the tired old FPS format to be a better fit for VR, specifically design HL3 for VR from the ground up so that every problem is countered. This sounds like very narrow minded thinking, it’s as if they can only ever picture HL3/4/5/30 as looking and working exactly like HL2? In the future we WILL feel like we are IN the HL (or similar game) universe, but that will take something a bit better than just porting a stock FPS game over to VR.

    Also this, if true, does at least confirm HL3 πŸ˜› Cos if they are saying it would fatigue in VR they obviously must know what form it would take (same as HL2) and are going to stick to the mass market flat screen FPS for sales (I don’t blame them btw – but they COULD make a separate HL3 VR experience that doesn’t use the same control/speed/format thus cancelling out this fatigue they speak of).

    • Kim Huff

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    • AndrewLB

      There’s no way Valve is going to design their most anticipated title around VR. It’s a niche market and will likely always be one. It’s great for driving simulators but FPS games you tend to get very tired from rapid movements and a lot of people suffer from motion sickness.

  • Akemi

    Half Life is a hype.

  • helium73

    You mean it would require them to move around a lot and get some exercise?

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