Half Life 3: Physics Test Video Demonstrates Pixar-Like Animation

And thankfully not in a CARS way.

Posted By | On 18th, May. 2014 Under News

Valve Software’s Half Life 3 is like a golden snitch at this point – it feels like it’s out there but constantly out of our reach. Valve has admitted to not knowing what to do about the sequel and until they get a clue, we’ll be admiring the various fan videos and experiments that come up, showcasing what could be.

One of those experiments includes an animation test from the first person perspective showing off some rather snazzy physics for Half Life. It’s a lot more equivalent to a Pixar movie in terms of the cinematic quality of the animation as D.O.G. and Gordon both transition swiftly between actions. It’s unlikely we’ll see animation like this in Half Life 3 but damn if it doesn’t look cool as hell.

Half Life 3 is yet to be officially revealed by Valve. There are rumours that it could be showcased at E3 2014 but then, there have been rumours for years about the same. As always, stay tuned.

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  • Deviledimp

    I could only wish that video lasted longer! It was bloody amazing! Very sad to say I have my doubts about Half Life 3 to appear on E3. Valve has their focus on this Steam Machine, plus Gabe was nice enough *sarcasm* to ignore fans Half Life 3 questions on Reddit. All I want to know is will Half Life 3 would ever exist? One minute there’s a glimmer of hope and the next is something that brings us back to stage 1 again. I want to be wrong for once. It’ll be truly amazing if someday Valve can give news we all REALLY want to hear. Fans will never give up believing it’ll come unless Gabe finally decides to tell us Valve will never make the game.

  • Acehalo2

    This is NOT Half Life 3, it’s something a guy made in his free time in like 2010 and someone stole it and passed it off as “Half Life 3 footage!”

    Here’s the original link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5N9Zq-_9Er8

  • Gamingbolt, stop. If I googled “half life 3” every day for a week straight, I would see one of your articles published that day 4-5/7 times, guaranteed. You along with “motoringcrunch”. This isn’t news, and you didn’t even take the time to properly source anything because you don’t care. Most of the “articles” this site posts are fluff, with little to no real substance. Just literally nothing, no valid speculation, no real report, just a few paragraphs that amount to nothing.

    And you know why? It’s because it gets you hits. It’s really a bit pitiful to be resorting to these tactics for exposure. If you focused on valid journalism, maybe people would be giving your site those hits of their own accord. Without bait.


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