Half Life 3 vs. Portal 3: What Do You Want to See First?

Or rather, which is possible first?

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half life
While the obvious answer to the question would be Half Life 3, the fact of the matter is Valve still being a ways off from ever granting our wish. By comparison, a Portal sequel wouldn’t necessarily be so difficult. Even better, the series itself has garnered a fair amount of accolades since the original game released, with the sequel being praised ever more due to its writing and voice acting.

Of course, the goal with Portal 2 was to take it beyond the confines of a simple puzzlers into a full-fledged video game. With that objective complete, what could be next? This seems to be the issue with Half Life 3 – the second game introduced open world elements, vehicles, an epic scale, a sprawling narrative with memorable side-characters, new mechanics especially in the area of video game physics and much more. What could possibly be next for that game?

Both games may be wanting for a direction but at this point it boils down to which one would be more feasible. Do you expect Valve to bring out Portal 3? Or do you desperately want Half Life 3, even it means waiting for who knows how much longer? Let us know in the comments below…though at this rate, we might as well start asking for Left 4 Dead 3.

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    HALF-LIFE 3 for sure.. thought all three would be amazing as I find that all are really well done.

  • Idetrorce

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  • What she said.

  • buster

    They should put the girl from portal in half life 3

  • Black Mesa

    Half Life 3 please, I cant put up with that condescending west country idiot from portal any more

    • neil

      Besides, Portal 2 was a good place to end it. Half Life still needs to conclude it’s story

  • G. Mann

    Half Life 3… wherein Gordon has to go to an electrical shed in upper Michigan for more information on the Borealis and finds a long, dark haired, similarly soft-spoken woman sitting on a box with a heart on it in the middle of a field.

  • neil

    Is that even a question?

  • Rohit

    More than portal , I want a Half – Life 3. And I am sure majority of people will want HL3 as we all want to know what is inside Borealis , what happens to Gordon in the end and who doesn’t want to use Gravity Gun once more.

    Also , if HL3 comes , it will probably be on the new source engine. I can only wonder how gorgeous it will look…

  • pigeon

    Both – half life three first, then portal 3 where the aperture facility actually acknowledges the world is basically ending. Well, that’s what I thought was starting to happen. I would love to see one of the combine trying to control GladOS.

  • Bhadwya


    • Anon

      hahahha, I agree.

      Btw: I find it difficult to accept that it ain’t 2000s anymore, kids nowadays don’t know any Valve games, and Garry’s Mod and to some extent CS:S lost its community….

    • Bhadwya

      It’s all because of that godamn free to play dota2, I tell you!

      Even my CS:S/GO, TF2 hours have gone down drastically, since the last 12 months that Ive started Dota!! GODAMN YOU VALVE GODAMN YOU!

  • scorpio666666

    Combine them into one game – choice between playing as the lead hero from either games as your run through a city – salvaging parts to build a portal gun of your own as you realise you were better off in the facility rather than on the surface…

  • FixTheNetcode

    Half life is dead. So much time has passed between HL2:EP2 present day that I don’t even remember 99% of the story. I could care less now and I’m very pissed about it. I played HL2 when a single core 64bit processor and 64mb of graphics memory was good. They waited WAY too long for the sequel. No one cared about ultra better graphics for the next version as much as we just wanted a sequel and continued story. We loved the game for the characters and gameplay. For all we care they could have just kept using the same graphics engine with incremental improvements in texture quality. We could have Half Life 4 or 5 by now. Hell, the source engine for HL2 looks good today at high resolutions. I’m not very happy with their decision to focus on selling other peoples games instead of developing their own. HL2/Portal 2. IMHO valve is no longer a game studio.

    • FixTheNetcode

      So in other words, when it takes MORE TIME to develop a sequel to a video game than it does to go from 2Ghz single core processors to eight core 4.5Ghz processors, we have a flippin problem.

  • The Glitchy Gamer (AwesomAlec)

    Portal 3. Definitely.


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