Half Life 3: What Revolutions Will it Bring Outside of Single Player?

Will Half Life 3 offer some spin on multiplayer, mods, etc?

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Half Life 3 is like the treasure at the end of the rainbow. Except, there is no treasure, the rainbow faintly resembles a mushroom cloud and the one leprechaun that will guide you there is from those movies (i.e. not very nice). That being said, we know of its existence and one way or another, it will revolutionize the single player first person shooter genre.

However, since Half Life games are known for their other contributions – the first game bringing us some of the greatest mods of all time with Counterstrike and Team Fortess, both which received their own full releases and the second game introducing the Source Engine which has been used to create a new wave of Machinima – what will Half Life 3 do to revolutionize the genre outside of the single player campaign?

If it releases, it will be on Source 2 making it ideal for Machinima. Mod support remains to be seen, but how can it contribute in ways we’ve never seen? Maybe an innovation on Cloud computing or large multiplayer caps we haven’t thought of yet? It will certainly be interesting to see when – and if – it ever releases.

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  • Edonis H. Raci

    First of All let’s hope it will be released this year! I’m sure Valve is going to keep Half Life 3 for worse days!

  • Nick

    HL3 will come out w/ the Steam OS platform to try and get people to convert.

    • Asturias_Knytt

      Most likely multiplatform with Steam OS perks. They won’t refuse money.

  • John Q Publiq

    Half Life 3 will be released the same day I take my next oath of office.

    • Asturias_Knytt

      I need to know when it’s released so I can book my holidays from work LOL.

  • Raze Fan

    I don’t want to sound like a downer but from what news that’s been put out I don’t think they’ve even started working on it.

  • Patrick J. Star

    I believe valve is saving HL3 for when source 2 is released and when they’re not as busy with their products as they are now. I mean, if you look at them now, they’re extremely busy with things such as dota, Team fortress, steamos, etc. They, just really don’t have time for a whole new groundbreaking Half-Life game right now. But when they do, “After nine years in development, Hopefully, it will have been worth the wait.” ~Gaben, 2007

  • Jacob Crim

    I could care less what it offers other than amazing single player mode. I do not want multiplayer at ALL that will ruin Half-Life like it ruined Bioshock 2 (that was kinda screwed anyways).


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