Half Life 3: What Was the Influence of the Series on the FPS Genre?

Looking back, it’s easy to forget what the series has done for the genre.

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half life
Half Life 3 is perhaps one of the most anticipated games of all time, even if it’s releasing only for PC at launch. That’s because the original two games were such trail-blazers, setting a standard for story-telling in the industry. While the original Half Life is given plenty of credit for its in-game interactions, phenomenal level design, realistic and difficult enemy AI and stellar voice acting, it’s easy to ignore the influence of Half Life 2 on the world of gaming.

Half Life 2 marks the first time that physics in a first person shooter actually mattered and could be manipulated and used as a weapon on such a large scale. Havok Physics had its time to shine in Half Life 2. It’s also one of the best examples of pacing in a first person shooter, seamlessly transitioning from a corridor-based shooter to the open world without so much as a thought. Plus the interactions with the characters, right down to then following you with their eyes and reacting as if you’re a real person – who could forget?

In that sense, it’s easy to forget what Half Life 3 would mean to us. It’s not just an FPS – it’s the next step. Perhaps that’s why it’s taking so long. Valve itself perhaps doesn’t know what the next step would be. What do you think Half Life 3 could do to effectively influence the entire genre? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Jimmy the Axe

    I definitely think that Half Life 3 should cross over with the portal games, such as the borealis ship or even part of the game taking place at aperture science?

    • Simon William Kitt

      That would be cool if that’s what the Borealis is about as long as it fits in with the events of chapter 2. Essentially The Borealis must have the ability to open a second portal to the combines dimension. And there has to be a race/fight with the remaining combine over this. Think we might get to find out what grey suit mans agenda is too…

  • FlameHorse

    The most specific rumor relating to the delay has to do with motion capture. I speculate that this could be a problem of integrating motion capture and real American Sign Language into the voice acting and character design on screen. So far, the characters face Gordon during the dialogue scenes, but they express themselves almost completely via their voices. Imagine a new character who can’t speak. Gabe has said they want to introduce a new such character. But I also speculate that no problem could take a full 6 or 7 years to figure out. A lot of the delay must be related to the new Source 2 engine. Engines are a major pain to create. I feel certain, without evidence, that Valve is going to announce soon at least what’s been causing the delay, if not the game itself and a tentative release timeframe.

  • Simon William Kitt

    2014 – 10 years since half life 2. It’s blatantly coming out mid 2014 with the new steam console. I strongly suspect it will be optimized for v.r as well. If there was a better reason for holding of release of half life 3 I can’t think of one. TOTAL IMMERSION HL3 Fuck Yea!

    • Simon William Kitt

      Prediction Nov 16th 2014


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