Half Life 3 Will Have Longer Release Gap Than Between Half Life 1 and 2

Six years. Count ’em.

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When Valve first revealed Half Life 2: Episode 1, its argument was that it would be able to roll out short, compact packages for the game rather than devoting all their time to a full retail experience. There was still a pretty sizable gap between the release of Episode 1 and 2, with the latter only releasing as part of The Orange Box, which also included Portal and the long-delayed Team Fortress 2.

However, when October 7th 2013 approaches, it will have been six years since the release of Half Life 2: Episode 2 and Half Life 3. That’s an even longer gap than that between Half Life 1 and 2.

Of course, Valve’s announcements last week weren’t even remotely related to Half Life 3, instead focusing on Steam Box, SteamOS and the new Steam Controller. Half Life 3 has seemingly fallen by the wayside but the state it’s in now – described as “bits and pieces” – it will be a long while yet until we see the third game.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Let us know below.

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  • mp3228

    unfortunately i think half life is dead because valve isnt a game maker anymore its a game distributer and now its entered into the console market we might not see anything good for a long time

    • FlameHorse

      It’s very obviously not dead, but I doubt we’ll see it till 4th quarter 2014 or later.

  • D34THLY 3V1L 2

    I am excited for this game! I have been waiting, but the wait will hopefully be worth it!

  • Kdiddle

    They’ve lost their mojo, like a director who only has one good idea or like a “one hit wonder” band. It’s really a shame. You know that they must have had some good ideas during these years but were too slow to develop them and so lost out to games like Metro and others.

  • Kdiddle

    I’m feel really sorry about Valve’s indifference to Half Life 3. I feel sorry for the kids who have waited so long. It WILL be a disappointment if it ever comes. They let too much time pass and can never live up to the expectations. Kind of like the Godfather 3. Valve will slap together something just for a buck. They stopped even pretending to be artists a long time ago.

  • wenieo

    its been too long, there was a time when i was very excited about the half life series. now i think ive outgrown it and moved on.

  • r32

    The only disappointment I’ve ever had from that company is from being left on a cliff-hanger for nearly 6 years…. However, I think we should be excited by their recent 3 announcements! For a start, they’ve successfully counted to 3, which I think deserves a MASSIVE party in itself… This new hardware is clearly going to be a platform for their future games, and although it may be slow to catch on, things could easily improve. For example, remember when Steam was first released, and it was crap, and everyone hated it? Well look at it now….
    I don’t care if they take their time on this game as long as the final product is of the same high quality as all their others…. oh and before all the fans die. Preferably.
    Finally, for those that say this game is never coming, I disagree simply after viewing that video of Gabe Newell forging a crowbar (yes I know it was a year ago, but they wouldn’t tease if there weren’t solid plans in effect)….

  • Steve

    I think Valve are treating their customers with contempt. They seem to forget that HL put them on the map and we, they paying customers, are the reason Valve are as wealthy as they are.
    remember where your roots are and stop treating us like muppets.

  • Ptaz

    Valve takes way too long to develop content, unfortunately the people who were waiting for half life 3 have moved on and by the time it comes out it won’t be worth all the hype, 6 years between games is just too long. It’s tough to get excited about a company that can’t release anything on time or refuses to release anything within a reasonable window. Good luck with your steam OS, I can only imagine the patching time line for that product haha Valve, sorry to say but given your track record I don’t think this is the kind of business model you can handle. Start releasing game content or get out of the game completely, which is what we all know you doing.


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