Halo 4: How to unlock stances, possible plot for Halo 5, 6 detailed

Master Chief and Cortana.

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Halo 4 ended positively, but have you wondered how the story will go in Halo 5, and 6? 343 Industries and Microsoft have already announced that this will be a trilogy, so some of the events that happened in Halo 4 will be visible in Halo 5, and 6 as well.

Obvously, major spoiler for Halo 4 follow, so read on at your own risk. 

Here’s a bit of speculation from a Reddit user. This sounds pretty accurate and a nice discussion can be had if people are willing to talk about it.

In the prologue, the ONI interrogator is talking about how Spartans lack basic humanity, are known to exhibit sociopathic tendencies and difficulty with socialization. If the Master Chief is already “at his core, broken”, how will he perform after his best friend sacrificed herself for him?

I was reading a comment here by another redditor that really proved a good point about Cortana’s death. He said that her death marked Chief’s first failed mission. His job was technically to protect Cortana, and now she is gone.

Will Master Chief lose his cool in the upcoming Halo games? We’ve seen one incident in Halo 4 where he doesn’t give a crap of what the general has to say, so all this sounds pretty plausible.

We also have a guide for how to unlock all the stances in the game.


  • Breach is by far my favorite, and hardest to unlock…
  • Recruit It’s your starting stance.
  • Heroic Get to SR 10 to unlock it.
  • Assassin SR 32 is the requirement to unlock this armor.
  • Last Stand You need to level up to 50 to get this stance.
  • Breach Be the UNSC Weapons Master and you can unlock the Breach.
  • Standoff Earn covenant Ordnance Mastery to unlock it.
  • Believe Forerunner Ordnance Mastery is the requirement to unlock it.

Stay tuned for more news and updates.

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  • Jackman

    aside from this, I would like to see how master cheif (spartans) were created, i.e the augumentations and what “breaking” is done to make them into spartans such as the background and different processes that go on to make them into a spartan from young.
    I think the writer of this article is correct in terms of the cheif loosing it and how he behave following cortanas death will be interesting to say the least.

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  • MC’s prime directive is to defend Mankind. Yes he also has to protect his AI. First, lets look back at the mini series Forward Until Dawn. MC was ordered to leave the Cadets and make the pickup point. He refused telling the other person I will not leave them behind. Second, the Captain of Infinity was ordering the ship back to Earth. MC knew the Diedac was going to go to Earth as soon as he had the Composer. MC defied orders that violated his prime directive, defend Mankind.

    Two more things, The librarian changed the MC by activating extra genes so the Composer would not harm him. MC is already different from the Spartan 4’s so he’s not going to fit in with them. Second, she yanked Cortana out of the system and then later gave her back to MC. Maybe she made a copy of her and fixed it? I think Halo 5 will be a Search for Spock type episode with the MC leaving Earth in search of Cortana.

  • ONI

    Going along the lines that the UNSC wants to make another hero like MC it could stand that Halo 5 will introduce a new main character. By the end of Halo 4 MC is I is late 40s and is still aging. It would make sense that MC might be put into a position that he would have to train his replacement or see one of the Spartan IVs be placed into a situation similar to what he had to experience.


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