Halo 4 Under Development? REALLY NOW, MICROSOFT?!

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It looks like another game has been released way before it was meant to be. The CV of a 343 Industries (a Microsoft studio) employee seems to indicate that Halo 4 is well under development.

A new update on Paul Ehreth’s Linkedin profile says that ever since July 2010, he has been busy  ‘designing new levels and missions for the next Halo project’ at 343 Industries.

This is further confirmed by the fact that several ads of job offers came up on Microsoft’s 343 Industries website some days ago, advertising for help on a new Halo project. An ad read: “343 Industries, Microsoft’s internal Halo studio, is looking for an experienced Missions Designer who can design and build missions for our next big project.”

Even Bungie’s boss Brian Jerrard confirmed that he had considered making a Halo 4 before he finally decided on Halo: Reach. He said, “Even before the idea to build a game based around Reach came about, a lot of other concepts were explored, up to and including a proper ‘Halo 4,’ where Master Chief was going to wake up from cryo-sleep and we were going to tell that story.”

Ehreth was formerly with Sony Online Entertainment, but joined forces with Microsoft in June 2009.


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  • I hope Bungie’s new big project is a remake of the Marathon series they did back in the 90’s!!! That would be great!

  • You dumb asses. Theres going to be a halo 4 on reach . If you notice reach isnt glassed at the end of halo reach. Also you see a half destroyed ship near it.Hmm i wonder what that could be. Oh i know … the ship master cheif is in when the halo ring fired on earth. Also if you notice the planet looks similar to reach if you watch the reach intro and watch the legendary ending on halo 3. IF THERE IS ANYMORE PROOF THAT THE NEXT HALO GAME IS ON REACH (again) THEN REPLY EST TO MY NAME

    • If you read the books then you would know that reach was glassed but not all of it. The planet is the legendary planet and not reach. You really shouldn’t call people out when it’s obvious you have no idea what your talking about. Dumbass

  • halo 4 will be created by infinity ward no doubt about that

  • Look it goes like this. halo wars,halo reach,halo CE,halo 2,halo odst,and halo 3. so yes their will be a halo 4 cortana will probably wake him from cryogenic sleep. and I doubt the flood will be in it they confirmed it for 2012. plus their making a halo CE remake in november. so I’m very satisfied with it. I’m glad they brought back halo and 343 industries has many ex bungie members so it will be like the other halos in a way. really I’m just glad they are making them 😀

  • i don’t care about halo 4, they’re just going to rush it and it will be on the same old crappy xbox 360, no graphical advancement, no crazy new immersive gameplay nothing to go crazy over. just halo reach with a different story. now a remake of halo combat evolved would be pretty sweet, i mean come on the first halo had an epic story line. i wouldn’t mind playing that game again with some upgraded weapons, the ability to hijack vehicles and also assasinate some covie’s.

  • i herd from a forum that this game is going to be on the new xbox, and that this generation of consols is quickly decaying. IF that is the case, and IF it does come out on the new xbox, then i think that there is a lot of potential for where this halo can go (both with the story and the graphics) also, i am not a credible source, so please dont go all crazy white biatch on me if you dont agree/ think otherwise

    also, i like the idea of upgraded/upgradable weaponry… weaponry where you can change the fire rate (single, burst, spray). a cool concept would be if they factored rain, wind, etc. into the aiming aspect, making it a little more interactive and challenging. mabe even throw some humor weapons in there, like a .22 XD “i shot him like a million times and he wouldn’t die!” -noob on legendary
    I just hope that it wont be like CoD with the homo-campers and the mod-o-fags.

    and, i like warthogs 😀

  • why cant we wait till comic con to settle this

  • may 17 2011

    the halo games are the best games in the world and i am the biggest fan of the covenant and i like the grafic and a spelaly i like the mulitly player because i can play it with my bothers and friends.if there a halo four i will buy the game and for all the halo games it took me one year and two months and i like the all the armers my favrit player is the alites a and i like all the a coqment it like it reall to me and when halo four comes out i know it will be the graets of all the halos 🙂 the corpent tant is my favorit 😉 i find the vilacal are fun to dive 😉

  • i like halo it the bestiest games i the world

  • ultimatehalogamer

    they should make halo for kinect

    • Not at all

      No, they shouldn’t


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