Halo 5: Guardians – 15 Things That 343 Industries Need To Set Right

15 things that would help Halo: 5 Guardians keep its namesake.

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The Halo series is probably the second most popular thing that Microsoft is known for. The first instalment in the series was a touchstone for FPS games with a brilliant concept and an excellently implemented gameplay.

Subsequent iterations of the game had carried on the legacy with some severely egregious acts on Microsoft’s parts (PC users are still crying; no matter how trite this may be getting, we are). Even so, with such success of the Halo series, it had become a bit redundant over the years. Yes, we were happy that the developers had maintained the ‘good ol’ ’ Halo feel of the games, but it gradually became really redundant. Halo 5 has a lot of room to improve but the developers have kept a veil over things so again, we’re here to speculate and share our expectations. There’s a lot that Halo 5 needs to have. Here’s 15 of the following.

15. Better Graphics


That’s a prerequisite. With the new generation of consoles, 343 has to drastically improve the aesthetics of the game. Halo 4 had had really good graphics but this time it has to surpass expectations.

Why it’s worth mention is because recently Watch Dogs was quite a disappointment especially after what Ubisoft had let on. There hasn’t been any official gameplay footage for Halo 5 but at E3 2014, a lot of expectations are looked forward to be met.

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  • Jazzyboy1

    Oh god no, don’t put it on 360. That’ll leave the artists with too much work to do, so like most artists faced with making two different sets of artwork at different quality levels, they’ll probably just go for a median standard between the 360 assets and the next-gen assets. So the next-gen assets won’t be as good as they could be, because they’re forced to lower them down for easier scaling to the 360.

  • acpilkin

    Why would they put it on the 360? That makes no sense from a marketing strategy. Also, the Covenant should be I’m the game in some capacity. I really only agree with the multiplayer slides here. The campaign stuff… no thanks.

  • KilledByTheGuardians

    Everything is fine , apart from a few Multi-player mishaps. The graphics for Halo4 were excellent and will be vastly improved for H5:G. The only thing that would need to change is the UI and multiplayer mechanic. It took no skill to kill people in H4, unless they were relatively skilled, meaning you could kill and easily be killed. They need to downgrade weapon power and ramp up the TTK (Time To Kill) against other player. A double-forked multiplayer would be nice, but I doubt we will see it, 343 will have to try there best and I stand with them all the way.

    • lj2387

      I actually liked the TTK in Halo 4, as I felt it took far to long to kill someone in Reach. I think it still took skill to kill people, as headshots still mattered. The problem was that the grenades were nerfed to the point that if you were in trouble, a grenade couldn’t help you. Whereas in previous games, a well placed grenade and a single headshot could kill your assailant. Furthermore, the reason it felt like you died quickly in Halo 4 is because the default spawn of the BR, DMR, and lightrifle in large open maps almost guaranteed death within a couple minutes of spawning. Lastly, the AR was overpowered, as it was never possible in any previous Halo game to kill someone with the AR at medium range distances with less than a clip of ammunition. With a few tweaks and a focus on competitive multiplayer over big team battle, 343 could knock Guardians out of the park.

    • Sam August

      The TTK in Halo 4 was perfect.
      The only part of this comment I disagree with is the whole “The AR was overpowered” are you kidding me? The AR in the old games was nothing but a glorified melee weapon, you would spray a few rounds into them to weaken their shields and then punch them, but it would take an entire clip to kill someone without melee in Halo 3 and Reach. Halo 4 made the AR a gun you don’t just drop for the first Battle Rifle, or carbine you see.

  • Ooblah

    Some of the points are very wrong.
    ‘Move away from the covenant’.
    No way!
    I am hoping we see the storm ‘halo 4’s covenant’
    Hopefully arbiter and his elites, the prometheans, the flood, and maybe even some human rebels/inserectionists

    • lj2387

      Yeah, Halo 4 failed at exploring the new covenant and why they were splintered off from the rest of the covenant. The covenant is almost the heart of the story at this point, as I am more interested in what is happening to them than I am to humanity. To the author’s credit, fighting the same covenant with the same behavioral patters is getting a bit repetitive and stale. Tweaking the AI and making them more spontaneous and erratic would be nice (also, wtf happened to the different classes of elites? Differentiating between elites with the color of their armor and making each one have a unique fighting style and difficulty is definitely something that needs to be reintroduced.)

  • Joshua

    I cringed at the last point. No to 360, everything will flag and be worse off if Microsoft chose to deliver to both. You say in the article that Watch Dogs was a disappointment in terms of graphics and cross gen is why!!!

  • maxemole

    It seems like they want to change every single thing about the game. But if you did that, it wouldn’t be Halo anymore.

    • lj2387

      I’m looking forward to a fresh take on the game. I especially hope that they make significant improvements to the campaign, as facing the same enemies with same behaviors and fighting patterns is getting a bit repetitive. It will be interesting to see what happens in multiplayer. Personally, I’m hoping they focus on making it competitive, and take out ordinance drops, loadouts, and armor abilities, and bring back the Halo 2 ranking system.

  • sandbag747

    Am I the only one who liked halo the way it was?

  • Sparta360

    This list was absolutely terrible.

  • lj2387

    Personally, I did not care for Halo 4 multiplayer or campaign. I think they are definitely taking a step in the right direction in terms of the story and the more human approach to chief and the dark tone of the story. However, the firefights in Halo 4 were dull, and fighting the newly introduce prometheans was awful. There were way too many moments that I felt like I needed to stand as far back at possible and kill the knights with a DMR, BR, or Light Rifle, as killing one up close on higher difficulty was nearly impossible and very frustrating, not to mention the fact that you were forced to be alone in almost every instance of vehicular combat, not being able to utilize friendly AI in gunner positions in your vehicles. Multiplayer was such a mess, they would be best served in rethinking the H2/H3 model, and trying to focus on ways to improve that rather than on Halo Reach. I think with the 3-year development cycle and the feedback they’ve received, halo 5 is going to blow people away. Here’s to wishful thinking.

    • Chris Atik


  • Here’s what made the first game good, in my opinion:

    1.There was downtime, so you could travel across a vast distance with less to do, and more time to contemplate, and explore the world.
    2. Almost no invisible walls. If you have to sacrifice environmental believability for the sake of fair balanced gameplay, then you’re making a sport, not a game. But that’s just for multiplayer, they even do this stuff in the campaign, which is retarded. There’s nothing fun about watching a character that can fall from space, and live….. die from falling 10 feet into water. -____-

    3. The soundtrack was unique. Even though it was low budget, but Martin O’Donnel pulled a lot of cool thoughts out in audio form, giving it a very naturally flowing score. Some music was so well atmospherically blended, I wasn’t even sure if it was sfx in the game, or music when I first played it. Trace amounts on The Library would be the best example. But in the new games, everything has to be high-budget overly theatrical orchestral scores, most of which hardly fit the task/environment at hand.

    4. The enemies were interesting. They didn’t flaunt much about their social constructs, they didn’t speak frickin’ ENGLISH (the more serious species at least), and their anatomy was a good balance between familiar and foreign. The elites didn’t look like power ranger lizards, but more like bipedal wolves in god-like armor. It was like being hunted by anubis’s offspring. 😀 But that was all rather ruined with those poo-flinging apes called “brutes” by the second game. Now, of course, as time goes by, we’re bound to learn more about the background of the enemy, but a lot of what they chose to reveal, or create for the enemy was just horrible.

    5. Nearly EVERY weapon and vehicle was unique. They only paralleled the fuel rod, and the rocket launcher pretty much. I can’t even think of any others off the top of my head at the moment. NOW days, everything is paralleled:

    (precision defaults)



    light rifle


    (heavy weapons)

    rocket launcher

    fuel rod

    incineration cannon


    human sniper

    beam rifle

    binary rifle

    And just because the forerunner OBVIOUSLY have rednecks, why not a shotgun of their own too?

    Forerunner weapons should have integrated completely fresh means of tactic and means of use for their weapons. I’m sure if someone got geometrically creative, they could have come up with some really unique weapons. Look at the game portal, and tell me that portal gun wasn’t a fantastic new toy to play with in first person games. They need to have THAT kind of creativity.

    Now a lot of the vehicular parallels were worst in the older games, like halo two putting a covy warthog called a “spectre” in, was just retarded, AND it was horribly weak. It was suicide to even consider getting in one. They also put some really annoying human air support vehicles in there too, like the hornet, or that other totally memorable one that I…. can’t remember.

    But with all that, you get the picture on that issue.

    6. It was nothing like Call of Doomed FPS-sorry, call of duty.

    That one speaks for itself.

    7. Multiplayer maps were not victim to the poorly conceptualized idea of “balanced” gameplay. A map completely made up of teleporters (chiron TL34), a giant island (death island), a hallway (longest), or even a frickin’ bridge (gephyrophobia) were not fun-nerfed for those who complain about hard to reach areas or anything else people got creative with and used to their advantage. Boohoo, Halo doesn’t need to be solely a sport. Go play foot ball if you want a perfectly symmetrical dick-measuring contest, but don’t ruin every video game with it.

    8. The story….. the story was detailed where it mattered, and simple where it didn’t. It wasn’t just some stupid interactive B-movie that flat out TELLS you what to do, and where to go all the time. It had a focused and basic plot. The humans were horribly disadvantaged, they were marooned light years away from their kind on a foreign artificial world, being hunted by radical space-jihads that gave them practically no excuse for hunting humans besides “god told us to”. And to make it all better, they got to meet multi-eon old space zombies called the flood. But of course, by Halo 3, someone had the bright idea to make your weapon’s crosshairs turn green when aimed at the flood for one specific mission, cause flood are humans too. The gravemind ruined the idea of what could’ve been the very thing that made the flood so creepy; it was mindless, primal, and had no self-identity. But yeah yeah, that’s not how the story goes, whatever.

    And just throwing it out there, why isn’t there ANY night time gameplay? I don’t mean that “oh, the level/map takes place at bedtime” crap, I mean full-blown slender style. You can’t see anything without lights, or equipment assistance. You can fall down lethal distances without watching where you go, you could assassinate/get assassinated easily, the game can turn up the volume of player activity to simulate heightened senses in the dark, ect. It would be so cool, and yet NO ONE DOES IT.

    Anyways, those are my sleep-deprived thoughts, but I have had them for a long time, so tell me if you agree with anything.

    • Chris Atik

      I wonder what Marty is up to now that he doesn’t work for bungie anymore?


    Please don’t put It on the 360, players like myself who has spent the $680 for the new console deserves gold. This game will be great it it’s only made for the xbox. That means they can actually make the Xbox one work as for they would need to time the game down for the 360.

  • mattouttahell92

    Actually halo ce and halo 2 were on xbox original (not the 360). Halo 3 didn’t have an original xbox version so why should 5? It would be a complete and utter waste of production resources and unfair to those who bought the new counsel.

    • Sam August


  • Chris Atik

    I have to disagree with this article, halo style gameplay is what we want, the cod bullshit is not. There is a reason why I still play halo 3 and not 4. 4 had a great story in my opinion but the multiplayer was flawed. Kill timed are way to quick, and duel wielding is gone, as well as vehicles like the hornet and reverent.

  • Dust Pan Ninja

    A lot of what you said seems to kind of contradict itself. There are some good points here, like weapons and vehicles, but they made drastic changes to the campaign that at least threw me off in a good way. They actually brought the Forerunners to the game as a people, rather than some mystical race you never saw. However Cortana needs to stay out of it, we can remember her and it can be Chief’s driving force but bringing her back would be the most obvious thing, we might as well call it Halo 5: Cortana Clearly Comes Back. And the multiplayer just needs to follow Halo 2, don’t cut back, bring in more and bring some life to the game.

  • Zork

    Who wrote this? A arthritic chimp with a learning disability? `

  • Andrew

    Gaurdians on the 360, are you serious? On the first page it said that halo needed better graphics, yet you want to have it on the 360 too? What a wonderful fantasy you live in, Halo 4 had arguably some of the best renders for a 360 title, it pushed the 360 to the max. And yet you ask for more graphics and you don’t want better hardware? Cheap! I do t want halo to be on the 360 it needs to be a system seller for the xb one. What a childish fantasy this author seems to preside over. GET REAL!

  • Sam August

    Yes but it was still utterly useless at range.
    I don’t know, maybe this is just somewhere we differ on opinion.
    I didn’t find it overpowered, in fact I thought Halo 4 was very balanced. Also this prejudice against casuals that a lot of us hardcore players have is getting on my nerves, who cares if there is some people who don’t have the time to play the same game 24/7, they have just as much of a right to enjoy it as we do.

    I guess I understand your point when you say the AR is a low skill weapon, but even a few misses and you have to reload before you could kill them.

    Sure it excels in close range, but even then, a skilled player with a BR/DMR/Carbine could easily take out someone charging them with an AR, I suppose maybe a small nerfing of the ar could be good, but I just don’t want them to make it Halo 3 levels of useless.

    Now what I would like is a big nerfing of the boltshot, talk about a low skill weapon.


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