Halo 5 Guardians: Beta Trailer Was Running In Real Time, There Is A Lot Going On With The Game

A few details about the upcoming first person shooter.

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During the post show portion of Microsofts press conferences at Gamescom, Bonnie Ross, the Studio Head at 343 Industries revealed a few interesting points about Halo 5. However the interview didn’t reveal many facts that we didn’t already know, lets keep in mind that its her job to keep the hype train moving, but it did confirm some lingering suspicions about the Beta trailer that we saw at the conference.

The trailer which tells us about a  4v4 arena match was all running in engine, which is nice. Now, it’s worth noting that this doesn’t mean that the game will match the graphical fidelity of the pre rendered portions of the trailer. Not by a long shot. But the game is certainly boasting something powerful under its hood. And it looks lovely.

She also goes into full tease mode, mentioning that there’s “a lot going on with Halo 5”. This seems to be less of a tease about the game and more a blatant statement of fact, meaning she can’t say any more without giving away information. It’s up to you to make that call. I personally want to see Halo make the jump back to PC. Seriously, make that happen.


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  • d0x360

    The models and lighting they showed looked fantastic. So did the weapons actually. As much as I want halo 5 I’m really itching for the anniversary ccollection.

    I’ve been holding off on a replay of halo 2 for about 2 years now because I knew it was eventually coming. I also can’t wait to play them all at 60fps. I recently went back and beat halo 4 again and the visuals in that came are still quite stunning and I don’t mean for a 360 game I mean stunning in general. For a 360 game its basically unbelievable do the upgrade to 1080p/60 should look quite nice. Its a shame they aren’t including higher res textures but I’ll get over that lol.

    • Mark

      The detail in Halo 4 was insane to be on the 360. I told people the models of the Spartans from the beat trailer was in game. The mp maps look great, but they aren’t as mind blowing as the models. The reason, atleast for me, is because multiplayer looks worse in general to campaign mode. Look at BF4 lol. I can bet there’s alot of people who hope Halo 5 looks mediocre. Haha. And let’s not forget that Crystal Dynamics boss Darrell said that Rise of the Tomb Raider will show CG levels of quality. Wow. People r sleepin on that oh so weak Xbox. Lol

    • Psionicinversion

      yeah Rise of the Tombraider shows CG levels of quality but on what platform cus it aint going be xbox or ps4

    • Mark

      Haha. That’s what CD’s Darrell was referring to about the Xbox version, not me lol. We’ll see.

  • Vious

    no @Halo for PC. you want to play halo, get an xbox.

  • GHz

    “Now, it’s worth noting that this doesn’t mean that the game will match the graphical fidelity of the pre rendered portions of the trailer. Not by a long shot.”

    Statements like this is a common theme when describing games on XB1. They said the same thing about Ryse when it was 1st seen. People accused Crytek of showing off a CG trailer, passing it off in engine. Nothing was more far from the truth. They said the same thing about Quantum Break’s famous ship/bridge collision scene. Most claimed it was all CG. It was recently revealed by attendants who played the game behind closed doors that it was all gameplay, and that there was no distinction between the in engine cutscenes transitioning into game play. It was all the same.

    While cross platform games seem to give the impression that XB1 is limited somehow, MS 1st party titles shows the complete opposite. So far, as the proof(1st party games) shows, XB1 comes off as the superior machine.

    • Vious

      you don’t see statements like that when talking about uncharted 4’s reveal

    • rodney patrick

      exactly,it seem like more and more gamingbolt are sonyfanboys

    • GHz

      No one got to play that. How many E3’s we’ve been through where Sony does that? I would love to see that in action. I’m hopeful that what we saw is what we’ll get. But time will tell.

    • demfax

      Ryse’s cutscenes are mostly CG movies. So they were right if they were talking about cutscenes.

      Quantum Break’s reveal trailer was an “in-engine” CG movie.

      Halo 5’s desert reveal trailer and multiplayer beta trailer were both CG movies.

      “The superior machine” to what? No mention of PS4 was made. PS4 is the more powerful console for games performance. PS4 1st party games will have more demanding graphics as devs can push its stronger hardware further.

    • GHz

      Ryse cut scenes are no different in quality than the actual gameplay. So in essence you just admitted that Ryse gameplay is CG quality. And again, we just got to see QB again @ GC and it is even better than the reveal. The scene in question is real-time gameplay according to the attendees.

      Yup PS4 is the most powerful. So they say. I bought my PS4 because that’s what I was told. But where are these 1st party games that surpasses MS’s 1st party titles in fidelity? Not being bias, but the games are out and they are the proof, not a spec sheet. Sorry I can only speak on what my eyes see.

    • demfax

      Actual gameplay footage of Ryse and Quantum Break doesn’t match up to the CG trailers or cutscenes in quality. They’re good looking games but no.

      The Order, Uncharted 4, Driveclub, and pretty much any Naughty Dog or Santa Monica Studios game will trump Ryse’s visuals while running at a higher resolution and framerate.

      Remember what Last of Us, Uncharted 3, and God of War 3 or Ascension pulled off on PS3.

    • GHz

      As a gamer and an owner of both platforms, and as someone with perfect 20/20 vision, the XB1 has won me over in the graphics department. I look at my ps4 wit slight skepticism at this point. That’s just me. I hope you understand that this is not an attack on you, this is just from my experience, from what I’m seeing with my own eyes, the XB1 looks like its doing a whole lot more visually/technically than the the ps4 from the very start. The reality of popular belief found on the internet, in regards to what is expected of both platforms do not reflect real world experience. I compare FH2 to DC, both unfinished games and FH2 not only looks as good as DC but does a whole lot more. You cant ignore that. In my house XB is winning.

    • JuniorSophitia

      Agree with you here. I’m also starting to believe that the XB1 has more to it than meets the eye. It would seem the inferior console on paper – and boy do SDF like to bring that up a lot – but looking at the games I’m not yet seeing a significant differences in 1st party exclusives. Certainly not the 50% more powerful claim. We’ll wait and see, as I have an open mind and look forward to the PS4 exclusives to blow me away, like Ryse’s graphics did on launch.

    • JuniorSophitia

      I’m of the opinion having played Ryse that the cut-scenes are the exact same as actual gameplay. Obviously you disagree and that’s ok too. I would expect studios of the calibre you’ve mentioned to be able to better utilize the PS4 as it will be further down the road in it’s development cycle, like-wise for XB1. I fully expect future games to surpass Ryse’s visuals including resolution and frame-rate. It was after all a launch title!!

    • Mark

      So Ryse won the Siggraph award for cutscenes…….? And yes, people thought Ryse was running on PC from the beach gameplay scene. Cutscenes are always gonna look a little better than the game in general dude. They’ll always pack more detail than gameplayQuantum Break was said to be CG by PS4 fanboys, concerning the scene where Jack rescues the chick from the explosion (which was real time but looks insane enough to be CG). Some of them were up on Remedy’s forum lol. Derp, u get so boiled seeing Xbox owners get hyped about what we love. U read, wait for an opportunity, and attempt to provide “DemFax”, to squash any notion that Xbox does something as good as, or better than ur saviour PS4 lol.

      U have no vested interest in Xbox related news. No need to correct anyone when u see something u feel is false. Truth will be revealed eventually, so let it have its time and fall back. U argue to the point of insanity. Someone said ur schizophrenic. U may be. And I hope (honestly) that isn’t true. My brother has mental issues, and it hurts me on occassion.

      Truth is, first party studios show what these systems can do. And Microsoft has impressed here so far. And the first parties will blow minds with Halo 5, and Tomb Raider out of a bunch. What do u think of this Spartan model Fax?

    • demfax

      We don’t know who actually entered the 41st Siggraph Computer Animation Festival contest. It’s impossible to tell what Ryse “won over”. The award is for Ryse, not “Ryse on Xbox One”. It’s a near certainty that they applied to the contest using footage from the upcoming PC version running at 4k resolution and ultra settings.

      The award states “Ryse is an eight hour game with an additional 110-minutes of linear storytelling content. The submission shows gameplay and cutscenes, both utilize the same assets and can be rendered in real-time.” Despite claiming the gameplay and cutscenes use the same assets, the cutscenes are almost all pre-rendered movies at least in the Xbox version.

      In other words, this award is more about an unleashed PC version of Ryse than the Xbox version running at 900p and 25 FPS average with lower visual quality settings.

      PS4 is the more powerful console, thus it has the potential for more computationally intensive visual calculations, that will generally be perceived as better by most. Ryse would obviously run better on PS4.



      That Quantum Break reveal trailer is a pre-rendered CG movie, you’re wrong.

      Sure there are good looking games on Xbox. It’s still not a more powerful console than PS4.

      He mentioned PS4, I replied to him. If you want to complain about anyone, complain to him for bringing it up in the first place.

    • Mark

      “So far, for first party games, the Xbox COMES OFF as the superior machine”. He NEVER said the Xbox is more powerful, from a reading of the specs. He’s simply saying that their first and second parties r outdoing Sony’s. U get so heated lol. Here comes Derp to Sony rescue!

      “The Quantum Break reveal trailer was CG”. There r CG parts like the beginning of the trailer Fax. I’m not arguing about this anymore. I specifically referred to the parts where Jack is rescuing the female from the explosion…….that was debated on Remedy’s forum, wether it was real time or pre-rendered. Do some darn digging and visit Remedy’s Ytube channel, and THEY stated it’s real time. Derp. People were super skeptical, obviously from the visuals lol. Remedy said it was real time, unlike the beginning parts. There’s actually 2 different versions of the bridge collapse, one CG imo, and one part gameplay. We will have to wait n see on that end, as backroom Gamescom attendees have seen some version of the bridge collapse REAL TIME.

      And yeah, they’re still working on the PC version, so the question would be how much of the game they submitted. Who knows. Point is, u keep saying pre-rendered. There’s a mix of real time cutscenes AND pre-rendered for long load times. Yerli talked about this already.

    • Mark


      In other words, it wasn’t there implemented by default by Crytek. Some of the scenes are REAL TIME.

    • GHz

      Why are even arguing this? Ryse won for best real time graphics. The game is only available on the XB1 at the moment. How, in the name of all things logical, can you come up with the conclusion that they are talking about a PC game that do not exist? Really though, this should not even be an issue. Awards are given to games all the time. It is not a problem or world ending if ps4 did not end up being victorious. SIGGRAPH made their decision which mirrors what a lot of pple who’ve PLAYED the game thought as well. If your opinion differs, that’s fine, but this Ryse situation is not that deep bra!

      The proof are in the games. You cant beat that with a spec sheet. Show me the money! Done! And the XB1 so far based on the games that are made specifically for that system in mind, is outpacing everything on the ps4, 1st or or 3rd. The games are the evidence and sony must know it by now.

      Stop making it sound like its much deeper than its actually is. Developers say ps4 is more powerful, so they just need to show us. Thats all. Give us something that tops QB now.

    • Антон Иванов

      Please remind me when did Quantum Break become “a first party title”?
      Microsoft doesn’t own Remedy => it’s NOT a first party game

    • Mark

      I think he means studios who make games exclusively to the platform and/or PC. As they probably get the same support and resources as first parties, without the ip. I agree with GHz. Microsoft’s close studios are making the Xbox look great.

    • Mark

      “Now, it’s worth noting that this doesn’t mean that the game will match the graphical fidelity of the pre rendered portions of the trailer. Not by a long shot.” I think Martin’s referring to the beta trailer of the red n blue 4v4 scene, which was confirmed to be pre-rendered on NeoGaf by 343. However, the Spartan models and weapon detail and lighting is crazy. People don’t believe this will translate in game, as shown here lol. Go back n check out Halo 4 on 360. Don’t sleep on 343! I’ve been posting these alot but so what. PS4 fans r posting Drake, so boom!

    • JuniorSophitia

      If only gamers were rational enough to notice these things and actually take on board what you’ve said. Even taking into FACT that Ryse Son of Rome won the SIGGRAPH award for best real-time graphics, you will still have the SDF jumping in creating FUD left right and centre, and downplaying any positives the Xbox One shows. Having played Ryse some of Rome, I can testify that it is virtually CGI in-game gameplay.


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