Halo 5 Guardians Dev Talks E3 2015 Demo’s Frame Rate Issues

Franchise development director says the E3 showing was “not intended to be playable by the public”.

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In the wake of an article from Digital Foundry which analyzed the frame rate for the E3 2015 showing of Halo 5: Guardians, 343 Industries development director Frank O’Connor offered his response on Twitter.

However, on being questioned about whether the frame rate would run at a steady 60 FPS when the game shipped, O’Connor made some interesting follow-up remarks. When one fan asked if it would have a 60 FPS frame rate or be delayed till December to allow for the same, O’Connor said, “The game comes out October 27th. Decide for YOURSELF if you like what you see.”

O’Connor also responded to the article stating that the game didn’t break when dropping to as low as 42 FPS during the demo. This has caused considerable discussion as to whether split-screen multiplayer would be possible down the road. “An E3 demo is not a finished game – it’s a slice of highly curated content designed to show the game to a big audience.”

He continued by stating, “And it’s not intended to be playable BY the public. However the public DID get to play an early, stable Warzone.”

Thoughts on this? Regardless of the E3 2015 demo, we’ll know for sure how Halo 5: Guardians runs when it releases in October.

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  • Kfal Balli

    Do people remembed the original Halo demo? It was terrible at E3. But when the game came out it was a classic.

  • kma99

    They can thank digital foundry for doing a frame rate test of the game being played on staged at E3. They simply rolled the footage of the guy playing the game without having their own physical copy.

    • XbotMK1

      Microsoft fanboy damage control brought to us by kma99! LOL

    • kma99

      Watch the video clown. I don’t see them doing frame rate test on the uncharted demo at E3. It would be the same useless testing no matter who it was. I expect them no not be optimized but you sony mind slave would be the first one in here complaining if it was uncharted.

    • Premature Procrastinator

      You obviously have no games to play on your ps4, otherwise why would you spend all your time on Xbox articles, feeling the need to justify your purchase by slagging off someone else’s choice of plastic box? If I was you I’d stop worrying about halo, and start worrying about whether uncharted is going to be ready on time judging by that piss poor, broken stage demo.

    • Mark

      Haha. I have no other reasonable theory to explain his behavior other than getting paid from someone, somewhere lol


    Digital foundry are a bunch of scum bags Why are they doing analysis on unfinished stage demos these demos are meant to shown not played it an extremely early build of the game

    • XbotMK1

      Awww. Poor widdle Microsoft shill is mad when Digital Foundry exposes the truth.

      If the roles were reversed and Digital Foundry was exposing a PS4 exclusive, you would be praising them.

    • Starman

      the only poor soul here is your pathetic @$$ , still wishing “death to xb1” …what a shame it will be when all is said and done and sony gets exposed with 3rd party multi-plats .. like mgs ..it will run at 900p and 30fps .. maybe ..lol

    • Michael Norris

      Sorry but DF does this kind of thing.You would be a idiot to think Halo 5 would run at a perfect 60fps.The game is using a dynamic frame buffer to keep the frame rate from spiking into the 30’s.Both consoles have weak cpus thus this will effect fps till the very end.

  • Terminator

    If this had split screen the fps would be much worse.

  • dametreas foster

    Digital foundry are a bunch of d**ks why the f**k do they attack h5 framerate when it wasnt even noticeable when uncharted framerate and crashed wete? Bias bit**es

    • XbotMK1

      Uncharted 4 ran at 1080p 30 fps. It is a much more demanding and graphically intensive game than Halo 5.

      Uncharted 4 didn’t crash. They recent the game before finding out that Bruce Straley wasn’t using a synced controller.

      Keep making up lies to defend the Xbox One.

    • Starman

      ha ha ha ha ha … you sound like the most ignorant sony fanboy out there … uuum ‘theadjustmentbureau’ … you have so many names idk what to call you …

    • kma99

      So they had a console with an unsynced controller? Who sets up without testing their equipment? Everybody who has ever had anything dealing with this type of work knows you always show up for sound check to test everything just to see if something goes wrong so you can fix it. You dont have to restart your console just to sync a controller. He wasn’t playing the game it was a pre rendered video.

  • *Also On PC

    Should just put it on PC for guaranteed 1080/60

    These consoles are pathetic.

  • Mark

    “However the public DID get to play an early, stable Warzone”. Shots fired

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