Halo 5: Guardians “Hunt The Truth” Episode Presents Shocking Revelation

Is Master Chief really who we think he is?

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343 Industries’ Halo 5: Guardians has a teaser site in the form of “Hunt the Truth” which sees fictional journalist Benjamin Giraud investigating the story of Master Chief.

Though purely an audio series of episode, it still presents a compelling little tale to follow. The second teaser looks into the origins of Master Chief and presents a rather shocking revelation.

The official description states that, “An obscure record from the far reaches of the galaxy contradicts everything. Government officials and conspiracy theorists weigh in. Stories of a remarkable young man are once again torn down by conflicting accounts.”

Check it out for yourself here – the revelation in question shows up fairly quickly.

Halo 5: Guardians will be releasing on October 27th for the Xbox One and will feature two playable protagonists – Master Chief, who has apparently brought disaster to the universe, and Agent Locke, the ONI hunter sent to find the legendary Spartan. Thoughts on the audio episode? Let us know in the comments.

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  • John Nemesh

    Yeah, expect widespread hate for this game if they retcon MC to be the villain of the story.

    • Mark

      Well with Locke and MC both probably being playable, and the dual perspective of the commercial, I think the game’s focusing more about the perception of MC being a villian, this thru the eyes of Locke and what was told to him by ONI. Considering the theme of the game so far, I doubt there ‘ll be a one sided story here.

    • Taylor Delgado

      Agreed my friend.

    • David Webb

      Following through with the series reveals a rich background that
      presents the darker, corrupt politics of the UNSC. It’s a story that
      acutely reflects the inter-agency mingling of the intelligence and
      military industrial complex of our present day.

      With the Master Chief missing, who’s left to say what he is or isn’t? That’s exactly the kind of figure a corrupt government body can at once present as a hero or a traitor — either way, the public’s attention is kept squarely on the MIA Spartan and far, far away from the misgivings of the UNSC.

      That’s where #HuntTheTruth introduces Benjamin Giraud!

    • Mark

      Dam that’s thought provoking stuff. And yeah that’s why I enjoy games, because their stories can paralell our world in ways that gets me to think about pretty far out, but somewhat true, realities here. Bioware and the Halo story’s amongst the best imo.

    • David Webb

      [Now, I posted this 3 days ago and it’s still pending. I’m guessing it’s the language filters. Here’s another try…]

      The same could be said for film and television, but we should do better to avoid these outlets for any serious commentary.

      Commercial media is by design oversimplified and ill-informed, very often missing the nuances that can define an issue morally and intellectually. The result is typically a strain of cynicism, bias, or (at worst) bigotry.

      Videogames have a long history of being politically Left-leaning and morally ambiguous; every other title is based on the normalization of violence and the destruction of the human form (e.g. killing, dominance, genetic/ physical augmentations, etc.) and lacking in practical, positive role models.

      Yes, I understand that s3x and drama sells, but at some point it became a paralyzing voyeurism. Remember that every culture produces what it celebrates, and what is celebrated is found through our common, collective experiences. Now, if that happens to be (simulated) shootings, drug abuse, and s3xual objectification, well… what should be expected?

      Well-mannered ladies and gentlemen? Maybe not.

      TL;DR: “Watch your thoughts, for they become your words. Watch your words, for they become your actions. Watch your actions, for they become habits. Watch your habits, for they become your character. And watch your character, for it becomes your destiny. What we think, we become.”
      — Margaret Thatcher

      TTL;DR: Civilization is more fragile than you think; if sh*t goes it, sh*t comes out. Strive to be a better man. PAX!

    • Mark

      U know what, try to delete some of ur sentences and make it shorter if u get hit with the “Comment pending” line. It works for me sometimes.

      And that quote by Margaret falls on many deaf ears, sadly. It is one we should drill into our subconscious. Eh, is it coincidence that your name’s David Webb? Borne Identity? One of my fave trilogy’s? I saw it that David found himself in the end, but only after heavy moral contemplation of his old life……I want another movie like that.

    • David Webb

      Well, Damon and Greengrass have signed-on for another Bourne film due next year, but don’t expect the same level of quality that screenwriter Tony Gilroy brought to the franchise.

      Damon went on a public rant that trashed Gilroy on his first draft of ‘Ultimatum; which prompted Gilroy to leave the project. The studio brought him back for Jeremy Renner’s Bourne, which tackled how pharmaceuticals and gene-splicing (which can be done through a simple flu shot) can change human behavior to make a person into a cold killer, a brilliant genius, or anything in between.

      Now, when was the last time you got a flu shot; what was in it? Are you sure that was all?

      Remember, ‘Legacy was released only a month after the 2012 Aurora theater shooting; the alleged shooter’s father was set to testify before Congress the very next day about the Libor scandal that allowed banks to lie about their reserves, manipulate interest rates, and produce fraudulent trades on the NYSE Euronext — that’s $350 trillion in derivatives!

      It would have further exposed how the global economy is a fraud based on military strength and fiat currency; a.k.a., Monopoly money!

      Remember how Dr. Foite went on a drug-induced killing spree in ‘Legacy? That was Treadstone’s way of shutting-down the operation: killing all of the scientists and making it appear like “workplace violence.” So Holmes likewise goes on a killing spree the day before his dad was to expose the banking cartel’s fraud on a global scale?

      The “coincidences” between the movie and reality are curious, especially their approximate timing! Anyhow, no word on what happens to Renner’s Bourne, if anyone still cares.

    • Mark

      Hot dam, if that ain’t layers of a conspiracy…….what games do u play man? What do u think about Mass Effect series? Some of it went over my head, but the transhumanist theme defenitely had my mind questioning; WHAT THE HECK ARE WE? I found myself compassionate for Legion, the Geth rogue, and his army of bots, when I chose to destroy them instead of the Quarians.

      Anyway, I’ve always been compelled about the whole “ghost in the shell” notion. Even more, I’m looking more into why people think the way they do. I know our subconscious has a MASSIVE influence on our thoughts. And every moment we absorb tons of sensory info, not even aware of it. So, does that mean we’re nothing more than a programmable brain…..I choose to think we’re more, somehow.

  • It’s nothing new, this is all in the novel Halo: The Fall of Reach…

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