Halo 5 Guardians: The Aiming System Needs To Be Refined

Call of Duty: The Space Aged Edition?

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Halo 5: Guardians

If you’re a casual gamer or one of the “MLG Pro” group of gamers, you’re entitled to an opinion and it’s just as valid as every other opinion. Thus, the consensus on Halo 5 Guardians aiming boils down to “I don’t like it”. The new ADS (aim down sights) mechanic that compresses your bullet spread is the newest means of aiming in Halo gaming.

So what does that mean? Well it means twitch based reaction combat, it means a lack of accuracy to established lore, it means angry fans and it means damage control. In the video below, you can see the “ADS” makes a marked improvement to firing clusters when compared to “hip firing” the weapon. So you have weapons that are typically used as harassing weapons or rapid fire weapons for closing the distance, being used as more or less accurate marksman rifles.

Granted, clustering will change at a distance, but changing weapon spread because you can look down a sight just flies in the face of what was established as fact in the Halo universe. In short, Halo 5 is quickly becoming Call of Duty: The Space Aged Edition. That’s not an inherently bad thing, but it’s certainly not Halo.

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  • d0x360

    Seeing that we are a year away from the actual game I wouldn’t worry too much. Once the beta is officially out and more people play and have feedback they have more than enough time to adjust based on said feedback.

    I dont think it will matter all that much anyways. The only weapon it really changes is the assault rifle and forerunner equivalent which I can’t remember its specific name but I think its auto rifle. You might have tighter clustering zoomed in but that’s a mid to close range weapon anyways. At distance it barely does any damage regardless of hit placement so even if it clusters every single bullet at the head it won’t kill you.

    That said I can understand people resisting change and as stated we are a year away from the actual game and changing bullet spread is incredibly simple. It might not even be intentional the way it is now, it could be a by product of the new system they just haven’t tweaked yet. Either way from what I’ve seen so far the game looks like a lot of fun and people who allow themselves to have fun and not worry about bullet spread on a single weapon a year from launch seem to be enjoying it just fine.

    343i has a admittedly short history of existence but in that time they have proven themselves to take feedback from fans and adjust the game fairly quickly to better suit then which is more than can be said for most developers.

    • Mark

      Yeah man, I think by far from what I’m hearing is people r having a blast in the beta. All this fear mongering is a bit much, imo. I’m just dying to know they’ll keep sprint. Feel like I’m walking in a swamp in MCC.

    • d0x360

      I played a few matches yesterday and enjoyed it quite a bit. Its still definitely halo and unless you play like cod and camp somewhere any added aim zooming that assault rifle does zero good, that’s a weapon you shoot while moving so…no big deal.

      The traversal stuff fits in perfect without going overboard and the clambering and stuff make the matches feel faster and more alive. I can easily see this being my main mp game for quite a while and I’ve always played halo mp I haven’t stuck with it since halo 2 but this just feels so right. Plus the 60fps is really nice. I might buy a thing called the xim4 and play with mkb.

    • Mark

      343 going for 60 frames mean a world of difference……I think it’s actually overlooked by people who really just wanna bash Halo. But darn it feels essential now. Can’t wait to see the campaign. Mark my words bro, Guardians will be open world, not rpg, but open. Look at the concept pics, and even the 2013 PostBin leak. It’s gonna be epic man. I just know that Phil can’t wait to show it at E3. It’s such an ACE in the sleeve for Microsoft.

    • Mark

      Check out these drawings……looks epic man.

  • Wisdom Thumbs

    > still calling it ADS
    > “lack of accuracy to established lore”

    What is it the kids say these days? Top. Kek.

    Still too early to say if the reduced aim-assist in Halo 5 will be a good thing or a bad thing, considering how finicky aiming with thumbsticks can be, but let’s all try to remember this is a change 343 made deliberately. And again, this is the rare breed of beta that is capable of affecting actual change in the finished game. If most people can be civil and fair in their judgements of the beta, refinements are likely.

    • Mark

      On point. From what I’ve been hearing, alot of people are having fun in the beta. I just hope they keep sprint in! I mean moving (or walking) in MCC feels like I’m in a swamp, darn. I need this sprint to make it in. Also, I think it’s brilliant of Microsoft n Bungie to launch this beta so early…..a true one indeed.


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