Halo 5 Guardians To Receive New Multiplayer Announcements At E3 2015, More Details Revealed

We won’t have to wait too long to hunt the truth.

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Halo 5 art

In spite of all the recent mess ups and controversy surrounding 343 Industries’ Halo franchise, the fact remains that most longtime fans of the franchise cannot help but get (cautiously) hyped for the upcoming Halo 5. Maybe it is out of hope, or maybe it is because 343 seems to have learned from all the various mistakes they made over the last few years. But any new bit of information about Halo further fuels the hype.

It helps when 343 Industries’ Josh Holmes confirmed on his Twitter feed that an entirely separate team is working on the upcoming game, than the team that was behind last fall’s disastrous Halo: The Master Chief Collection for the Xbox One. Although it can be argued that the issues with MCC were larger and maybe pervasive of 343 as a whole, it gives one hope that this team will not repeat the mistakes of the other team.

Apparently, we can also expect more news on the game by this E3- we knew that, obviously, especially given that the final release date for the game is later this year, but still, that’s one game that we know to be hyped for come next month. The E3 information blowout will also, naturally, include some news on the game’s multiplayer.

He also revealed that multiplayer undersuits are dark gray with minimal paint-over, depending on the design of the suit. Halo 5: Guardians launches on Xbox One exclusively later this year. Stay tuned to GamingBolt for more information.

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  • d0x360

    Mcc a disaster! After the second patch which took 2-3 weeks the game worked fine for 90% of the player base. There are still some people who for some reason have issues and that sucks but its likely due to their network setups not the game.

    • GHz

      I 2nd that. HUUUUUGE embarrassment for MSFT. It made live look really bad. They mostly fixed everything though, But still. They botched the release of the best remaster to date. :/

    • d0x360

      True and botching the release sucks and definitely shouldn’t happen with a big game like this but the “press” keeps going on and on about it like the game doesn’t function. Perhaps they should boot it up for 5 seconds and stop pretending its still the week after launch.

    • GHz

      Yup! And there is that too.

    • Voreo Sabrae

      Just remember 343 was responsible for putting together a game done by 3-4 different studios, so of course theres gonna be problems

  • Darkchief117

    I hope they announce a CSR free playlist before launch since I really hate the CSR system in Halo 5.

    • TJ Blau

      343 has said the CSR system we saw in the beta will be fixed in the final game so that it is based more on skill and less on W/L.

  • A Tardy Gamer appeared!

    TMCC was outsourced to Saber Interactive, Blur Studios, Certain Affinity, Ruffian Games and United Front Games while 343i was occupied with Halo 5 development and the December betas.

  • Sgtpringles220

    You have to remeber that something like the MCC has never been done on console. After all it is 4 games on 4 diffrent game engines.Problems are to be expected, however that is no excuse for the amount of trouble it had on launch.I just dont blame them all the way. I mean could you make 4 games work PERFECTLY together….. be real. Stop trying to burn 343 on a stake.


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